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10 Best Cool Box – Complete Reviews 2020

A well-insulated cool box is an indispensable companion for camping trips, long car trips or barbecues with friends in the city park. In summer temperatures, a mobile refrigerator prevents your food from spoiling and provides you with pleasantly chilled drinks. You have the choice whether you opt for a passive cool box or for active cooling with electricity or gas. Cooling bags are a compact alternative to the rigid coolers with their larger storage space.

In view of the large variety of products on offer, there is hardly a way to avoid a cool box comparison in June 2020. The following guide not only familiarizes you with numerous important comparison criteria, but also introduces you to selected coolers. This should make it easier for you to find the right product for you. So that you can make your purchase decision with complete conviction.

10 Best Cool Box – Reviews 2020


1. Campingaz Isotherm Extreme cool box with an airtight seal

At first glance, the Isotherm Extrem cool box from Campingaz impresses with its blue and white design. In the interests of particularly effective cooling, the manufacturer decided to air-tightly seal the lid . With a capacity of 17 liters, the cool box has dimensions of 41 × 24.5 × 35.5 centimeters. Use the handle to close the box, while the lid should serve as a practical shelf for drinks and Co. According to the information, the internal dimensions of the 2.1 kg cool box are 32 × 19.5 × 27.5 centimeters.

The manufacturer specifies that eight lying or eleven upright bottles with a capacity of 0.5 liters each fit in the cooler. This model is a passive cool box, so cool packs are essential for operation. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the ice packs can achieve a cooling time of up to 20 hours. The company therefore processed the box out of PU plastic.

What is PU plastic? The abbreviation “PU” stands for polyurethane. These special plastics are used in foams, lacquers, coatings and adhesives. Rigid PU foams are used, among other things, as heat and cold storage, making this material suitable for the production of cool boxes. For more information on important purchase criteria for a cool box, see the guide.

Campingaz Isotherm Extreme cool box with an airtight seal


The manufacturer advertises the Campingaz Isotherm Extrem cool box as a passive cool box with an airtight seal and a maximum cooling time of 20 hours. Pre-cooling the battery packs is essential to achieve this cooling time. In view of the maximum of eleven 0.5-liter bottles that can be stored in this ice box, the cool box is suitable for a wide variety of uses.


No, the ice packs you need have to be purchased separately, according to the manufacturer.

No, according to the information, this offer is only available in blue and white.

No, according to Amazon customers, the Campingaz Isotherm Extrem cool box is too small for that.

Yes, you can use the Campingaz cooler for this purpose.

2. Campingaz Icetime Plus cool box with a capacity of 26 liters

The cooling box Icetime Plus from Campingaz scores with a capacity of 26 liters and insulation made of PU plastic. The lime-green color makes the mobile refrigerator an eye-catcher. Depending on the cool packs used, this box offers a maximum cooling time of 24 to 27 hours, according to the manufacturer. According to the information, the article is not only easy to transport thanks to the practical handle, but you can also choose a cooler with a slightly larger capacity of 30 liters.

If you choose the Campingaz Icetime Plus cool box, you have the choice: you can either buy only the cool box or the ice box with the matching freeze packs . The latter is useful because it is a passive cool box. Without ice packs, a passive cool box cannot guarantee you any significant cooling performance. You can read more about how the various coolers work with and without electricity in the guide.

With an external dimension of 41 × 31 × 42 centimeters, the weight according to the information of the 26 liter box is 2.4 kilograms. In addition to the practical hinged lid, Campingpaz points out the large opening in the box , through which you should be able to conveniently remove the food and dishes. To ensure a secure seal and prevent loss of cold, there is a special lip for sealing in the area of ​​the lid. A click sound should tell you whether the lid of the box is tightly closed.

Campingaz Icetime Plus cool box with a capacity of 26 liters


The Campingaz Icetime Plus cool box has a capacity of 26 liters and a maximum cooling time of up to 27 hours. Since this is a passive cool box without a power drive, you should do well to order the box together with the required ice packs as a complete offer. The practical handle and the large opening are intended to ensure maximum convenience for this mobile refrigerator.


Yes, the manufacturer offers this color variant.

According to the statements of Amazon customers, this is not possible with the Campingaz cool box Icetime Plus.

While according to the manufacturer, there is splash protection, the cool box is not a completely waterproof product.

An Amazon customer states that the side walls are around 3 centimeters thick, while the front and rear walls are around 2.5 centimeters thick.

3. Campos Travel cool box with a capacity between 10 and 42 liters

The Campos cool box Travel adapts to your needs. With the possible capacity, you can choose which of these boxes best meets your requirements:

  1. 10 liters
  2. 16 liters
  3. 24 liters
  4. 25 liters
  5. 29 liters
  6. 42 liters

While the smaller cooler sizes are recommended for daily use in the office, according to the manufacturer, you should better choose a cooler in XL format for your next family outing. The blue and white design gives this plastic cooler a timeless appearance. Keep in mind that to use this passive cool box with an airtight seal , you are required to have the right ice packs. Depending on the selected cool packs, the cooling time may vary. According to the manufacturer, the 42 liter cool box has a weight of 3.75 kilograms and external dimensions of 55 × 35 × 40 centimeters.

What does a cool box cost? Whether you buy an electric cooler bag, a mini cooler box, a solar cooler box that works thermoelectrically, or a compressor cooler box, this has a decisive impact on the price. You can get a simple, passive cool box for a low double-digit amount. If you are looking for a high-end model with a high cooling capacity, you may have to invest a low four-figure amount. The most expensive way to get cool boxes with a compressor. Further useful tips for buying a cool box can be found in the guide after the extensive product comparison.

Campos Travel cool box with a capacity between 10 and 42 liters


The Campos Travel cool box keeps your food and drinks cold as a passive cool box only when using separately available, sufficiently pre-cooled ice packs. A special feature is that this ice box is available for purchase in many different sizes. The box has a capacity of 42 liters and an empty weight of 3.75 kg.


No, since this is a passive cool box, this option does not exist.

The Campos Travel cool box itself does not have a cooling function. Rather, it is the ice packs that you need to freeze beforehand and then add to the cooler box that are responsible for cooling your food. Which temperatures can be reached in the cool box depends on the Freezepacks used and their pre-cooling.

According to the company produced, you can assume splash water protection, but not 100% watertightness of the cool box.

An Amazon customer estimated the inside dimensions to be 20.5 × 30.5 centimeters.

4. CANWAY thermal bag with space for up to 20 different 500 milliliter bottles

If you need a lot of space for chilled drinks on the go, this CANWAY thermal bag offers you plenty of storage space. According to the manufacturer, you can accommodate the following amount of drinks in the portable refrigerator replacement, which is available in several colors :

  • 20 bottles, each with a capacity of 500 milliliters
  • 40 cans of 333 milliliters each

The flexible, passive cooler bag comes with two cool packs . For this foldable cooler bag, the manufacturer opted for a 1680D Oxford fabric, which is considered to be robust, and provided the inner lining with a heat-insulating film made of aluminum. An 8 millimeter thick insulation made of EPE foam should help the bag to keep the cool temperatures inside as long as possible. According to CANWAY, a zipper makes it easier for you to access the chilled snacks and drinks. The product is characterized by the following features:

  • Shoulder strap
  • Padded handle
  • Thermal pocket with front and side pockets
  • Dimensions of 28 × 29.5 × 36 centimeters

The box almost according to the provider, a maximum of 25 liters. The company puts the empty weight at around one kilogram . Before buying the insulated box, you should know that according to the manufacturer, it has an improved zipper and a leak-proof interior. The product has also received FDA certification and does not require the chemical BPA. The cooler bag is easy to clean by hand. Especially for anglers, the cooler bag has the advantage that you can even transport live fish in the waterproof interior.

What is the FDA certification all about? The FDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is responsible for the approval of the product groups mentioned on the American market. If a product has received FDA certification, this is to be seen as a quality feature. You can find out more about other quality criteria that should be considered when buying a cool box in the guide.

CANWAY thermal bag with space for up to 20 different 500 milliliter bottles


The CANWAY thermal bag scores not only with its foldable design and light weight. The insulating box with passive cooling is available in different colors. It has practical inner and side pockets and a waterproof interior with a capacity of 25 liters. You can place a maximum of 20 bottles of 500 milliliters each in the cool box.


You can choose the variant in gray, blue or red.

An Amazon customer specified the inside dimensions of the CANWAY cooler thermal bag as 34 × 25 × 23 centimeters.

According to some Amazon buyers, you can store up to twelve beer bottles in this mobile cooler.

No, this is not the case with this article.

5. ETS Georges David SA cool box with a cooling time of up to 10 hours

The blue-green ETS Georges David SA cool box is not just an eye-catcher. Rather, you may be impressed by the large capacity of 35 liters . This means that you can transport many bottles up to 2 liters standing upright in the cool box. According to the manufacturer, the product keeps your food between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius cold for up to 10 hours. This requires that you use the appropriate cool packs for passive cooling.

When purchasing this product, please keep in mind that the required ice packs are not included in the scope of delivery. The manufacturer recommends two 650-gram freeze packs to ensure the desired cooling performance. You must purchase the cool packs separately

Weighing 2.52 kilograms, this mobile refrigerator with a white handle is 48 × 30 × 39.5 centimeters. On the inside, the double-walled cool box measures around 41 × 27 × 32 centimeters. You can stow the handle flat in the lid of the box so that you can use the box as a seat if necessary. The manufacturer recommends his product for use in the outdoor and camping area.

ETS Georges David SA cool box with a cooling time of up to 10 hours


The generous capacity of the ETS Georges David SA cool box is 35 liters. With an interior dimension of 41 × 27 × 32 centimeters, the mobile refrigerator offers plenty of space for drinks and snacks. In order for you to benefit from passive cooling of the box for up to 10 hours, you must purchase the appropriate ice packs separately and pre-cool them sufficiently. The handle to be recessed into the box lid and the multicolored design are other notable advantages of this ice box.


The ETS Georges David SA cool box is white on the inside.

Yes, according to the manufacturer, it is a double-walled cool box.

The box holds a maximum of 35 liters. Remember that you need to subtract the volume of ice packs used from this value.

6. 10T Outdoor Equipment Fridgo cool box – suitable for keeping food warm

With the 10T Outdoor Equipment Fridgo cool box you bring a multi-talent into your home. According to the provider, this 20 liter ice box is not only suitable for cooling your food, but you can also use it to keep food warm. In order for the box to keep the cold or warmth well, the manufacturer has opted for an airtight rubber seal in the lid of the box. The green and white ice box has a handle.

The double-walled body of the cool box is insulated with PU foam. The manufacturer has processed the plastic outer cover to be weatherproof and he states that the box is easy to clean with water and is therefore recommended for anglers. The large filler opening and the dimensions of 51 × 29 × 29 centimeters suit you when you use it. Depending on the cooling elements used, which you have to purchase separately, this article offers a cooling time of up to 47 hours.

The inside dimensions of the box are 44.6 × 21.3 × 22 centimeters. Keep in mind that you cannot completely fill this room with food and beverages, as you have to allow for space for the cooling elements due to the passive cooling. The empty weight of the cool box is 2.1 kg. According to the manufacturer, the robust hinges ensure a long service life, and the airtight lid lock of the portable cooler serves as a security system against temperature fluctuations.

The manufacturer offers various cool boxes in the same style as this box, which you can buy with a larger capacity and / or transport castors. You can passively cool between 10 and 100 liters of content and conveniently transport it on wheels for boxes with a capacity of 80 liters or more. Thanks to this feature, the heavy weight of a larger ice box is put into perspective.

10T Outdoor Equipment Fridgo cool box - suitable for keeping food warm


The 10T outdoor equipment cooler model Fridgo has a double-walled construction with insulation made of PU foam. On a positive note, this box not only cools your food on request. You can use the box insulation to keep various dishes warm during transportation. With a capacity of 20 liters, it is a rather smaller ice box, for which you should order the appropriate cooling elements separately, as these are not included.


Yes, according to some buyers at Amazon, you can store beer bottles upright in the cool box.

This should only be possible in the event of a small cake fall, since the depth of the Fridgo cool box of 10T outdoor equipment is less than 22 centimeters inside. However, the manufacturer has larger cool boxes for you in the range that could be suitable for these purposes.

Yes, there should be a recessed grip.

The lid is white with a green accent in the middle.

7. SEVERIN cool box KB 2922 for cooling and heating

The SEVERIN cool box KB 2922 can either cool or warm your food . The 42 × 40 × 28.5 cm box is powered by electricity and belongs to energy efficiency class A ++. You can operate the box with a power of 58 watts via a 230 volt socket or via a 12 volt connection in your vehicle. A particularly quiet and economical 8-watt eco mode is available for socket operation.

What does energy efficiency indicate? The energy efficiency class states how energy-saving you can operate an electrical device. When purchasing washing machines, dryers and refrigerators that are in continuous operation, a look at this value is essential. Class A +++ devices are the most economical, while class D has the worst energy efficiency.
While the box is relatively heavy at a good 4 kilograms , according to the manufacturer, its capacity is 20 liters. With an internal height of around 28 centimeters, you can accommodate smaller bottles standing in the thermoelectric Peltier cool box. According to the manufacturer, the ambient temperature may fall below 20 degrees Celsius. However, the ice box cannot call up this cooling capacity in Eco mode due to the lower power, so you should only use this setting in moderate ambient temperatures.
You can increase the cooling capacity by adding additional cooling batteries to the box. The keep warm function enables temperatures from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. The ventilation openings are located in the removable lid of the box and the manufacturer has integrated a control light into his product. The company refers to the brushless and durable fan motor of this article.

SEVERIN cool box KB 2922 for cooling and heating


The active KB 2922 cooler from SEVERIN works according to the thermoelectric principle. You operate this ice box with electricity from the socket or the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. You benefit from a cooling and a warming function if you choose this model. With a limited capacity of 20 liters, the box with a weight of around 4 kg is relatively heavy. For this, it can deliver its cooling output over an unlimited period of time and serve as a refrigerator replacement for camping for several days.


According to the manufacturer, it is an active thermoelectric cooler, which is called the Peltier cooler.

This is possible because the KB 2922 cool box from SEVERIN has appropriate insulation so that you can cool your food and beverages with cool packs. However, this limits the cooling capacity compared to the current operation.

A corresponding cable is included in the delivery of the SEVERIN cool box.

Yes, according to some Amazon buyers, this is the case.

8. Curver cool box cool with a capacity of up to 32 liters

The Curver cool box Cool relies on passive cooling . With a stated capacity of up to 32 liters, the ice box is comparatively light with only 2.22 kg dead weight. The integrated carrying handle in white is intended to securely lock the 40 × 50 × 29 cm box.

The manufacturer refers to the durable processing made of plastic and the longevity of the product. The mobile freezer is available in either gray or green and in a more compact 20-liter size. If required, you can use the cooling insulation box as a portable seat. The cool box Cool by Curver is characterized by a modern design in timeless blue and two included cool packs.

Curver cool box cool with a capacity of up to 32 liters


The passive insulation box has a capacity of 32 kilograms and is relatively light with a weight of 2.22 kilograms. The retractable handle ensures that the 40 x 50 x 29 cm box is securely locked. Two cool packs are included in the scope of delivery.


Amazon customers report that you can stow four bottles of wine in the sturdy cooler bag.

Yes, the Curver Cool coolbox is therefore suitable for this purpose.

The inside of the box is white.

According to Amazon customers, the box is splash-proof, but not waterproof. The manufacturer does not provide more precise information ..

9. EDA Passive cool box with up to 12 hours of cooling time

The manufacturer of the passive EDA cool box states that the box is equipped with thermal insulation for a cooling period of up to 12 hours. He describes the box as light and spacious without giving more precise information about its own weight. The manufacturer specifies the capacity as 35 liters. The handle also locks the box to prevent accidental opening.

The manufacturer reports that the materials used are approved for direct contact with food. He states that the box is made in the EU.

For the passive cool box you need cold packs, which are not included in the scope of delivery. According to the manufacturer, standing bottles with a capacity of 2 liters fit in the insulating box. The company specifies the external dimensions of the 2.4 kilogram item at 39.5 x 48 x 30 centimeters.

EDA Passive cool box with up to 12 hours of cooling time


The EDA Passive cool box has a capacity of 35 liters and is equipped with a handle that also serves as a lock. The box has an empty weight of 2.4 kilograms. The necessary cooling batteries are not included in the scope of delivery.


According to Amazon customers, the lid of this product can be removed completely.

According to Amazon customers, you can store one-liter bottles upright.

No, you have to purchase the batteries separately.

According to the manufacturer, this cool box is made of plastic.

10. Dino POWER PACK 131001 cool box – thermoelectrically operated with electricity

If the cooling capacity of a passive cool box is not enough for you, the electrically operated Dino POWER PACK 131001 cool box offers an alternative. The icebox of energy efficiency class A ++ declared to the manufacturer a airborne noise by 35 decibels. You can therefore supply the mobile refrigerator with electricity via a regular socket or a 12-volt connection in your vehicle.

How loud are 35 decibels? A noise level of 30 decibels corresponds to a light wind or the ticking of a wristwatch. When talking in a whisper, a noise level of 40 decibels can be assumed.

If you want to use the electrically operated cooler to transport bottles, put 19 bottles of size 0.33 liters in it. Alternatively, up to eleven one-liter bottles or six 1.5-liter bottles fit in the cooler. If you want to transport 2-liter bottles, the ice box offers a maximum of three bottles. If you want to get an overview of the other notable product properties, take a look at the following list:

  • Dimensions outside: 44 × 39 × 31 centimeters
  • Internal dimensions: 34 × 34 × 24 centimeters
  • Capacity: 32 liters
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Quiet 8-watt Eco Modos x
  • Including storage compartment for the supplied plugs and cables
  • With cooling and heating function
  • Maximum cooling temperature: -18 degrees Celsius difference to the ambient temperature
  • Maximum heating temperature: +65 degrees Celsius difference to the ambient temperature
  • Cable length of the 12 volt plug: 1.7 meters
  • Cable length of the 230 volt plug: 1.5 meters
  • Operation via a suitable power bank possible
  • Scope of delivery: cool box, connection cable for 12 and 230 volts, instructions for use and removable dividers

Dino POWER PACK 131001 cool box - thermoelectrically operated with electricity


The Dino KRAFTPAKET 131001 cool box is a Peltier cool box with power connection with the energy efficiency class A ++. You can supply the box with power via a 230 volt socket or the 12 volt connection in the vehicle. The box has a capacity of 32 liters and a height of 44 centimeters, so that you can accommodate large bottles standing up.


No, you should assume that the Dino KRAFTPAKET cool box 131001 in eco mode can only offer you a lower cooling capacity due to the low wattage.

According to the manufacturer, the fan has an airborne sound emission of 35 decibels.

This is possible at short notice if you are waiting for the delivery of your new kitchen or fridge, for example. In the long term, the Dino KRAFTPAKET cool box cannot replace a refrigerator.

According to Amazon users, this should be the case for most vehicle models. You may need to remove the trunk cover given the height of the cool box.

What is a cool box?

A cool box, known as an ice box, is a type of mobile refrigerator . Such a box allows you to cool food on the go. For a short period of time, there is the option of preventing frozen food from thawing. In addition to food, drinks and other things that require cooling can be stored in a cool box. This is why cool boxes are used, for example, when transporting medication. Even organs for a transplant are kept in a cool box during transport. Accordingly, these boxes are used in the following areas of life:

  • gastronomy
  • Leisure time – for example when camping
  • Sport – for example when fishing
  • To travel
  • In the household – for example as a temporary replacement for a defective refrigerator
  • In health care

So that the cool box can keep the lowest possible temperature inside, it has special insulation . Nevertheless, the penetration of heat cannot be completely avoided. Accordingly, appropriate technologies are required to prevent the temperature inside the cool box from rising too high. Basically, this can be a passive or an active cooling technology.

What is a passive cool box? A passive cool box does not cool the food, drinks and Co. itself. Rather, you need cold packs that you freeze in the freezer or freezer beforehand. These batteries often contain a special gel or saturated salt water so that they can hold the low temperatures well and for a long time. Thanks to the use of cold packs, passive cool boxes do not need any electrical connection and can be used anywhere. If you have no way to freeze a cold pack, you can fill the ice box with ice cubes that are available in many supermarkets.

A crucial disadvantage is that passive cool boxes only cool your food for a limited time. Sooner or later, the ice cubes or ice packs will inevitably thaw and must therefore be replaced. If you then have no replacement at hand, you can no longer adequately cool your food. This problem can be avoided with an active cool box. You are faced with significantly more options when it comes to active coolers. After all, you can choose an absorber cooler, a cooler with a compressor or a Peltier cooler. Various manufacturers offer hybrid coolers that use both compressor and Peltier technology.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of active cool boxes

Whether a compressor, absorber or a Peltier cool box is the right choice for you is both a question of the budget and the intended use. If you want to transport frozen food over a longer period of time, you will usually choose a compressor cooler. These cool boxes offer the highest performance, so that freezing temperatures can be easily reached .

What is a cooler with a compressor? A compressor cooler uses a compression refrigerator to achieve the desired temperatures. A compressor can be found in most refrigerators to bring them to an operating temperature of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. The technology relies on the effect of evaporative cooling, which arises when the state of matter changes from liquid to gaseous. Ice machines use this compressor technology to cool down the ice mass. The technology is very powerful, making it suitable even for the air conditioning of entire mines.

Although you should be prepared for comparatively high purchase costs , these boxes are hard to beat in terms of their capacity and cooling capacity. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a compressor cooler is characterized by a rather loud operating noise from the compressor. So why buy a cooler with a compressor anyway? Before buying a compressor cooler for travel or your car, do a good job of weighing up the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Can be used flexibly thanks to the 12 and 230 volt connections
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Powerful cooling down to minus degrees
  • Usually operated via a socket, occasionally available as a cool box with a battery
  • Available with a large capacity on request
  • Suitable as a mini fridge for temporary use in the household
  • Great variety of brands and offers
  • Comparatively expensive to buy
  • Difficult to transport due to the weight and size of many cool boxes of this type

If you decide against a compressor and an absorber cooler, the energy supply of this mobile refrigerator can be done in three ways. In addition to a 12 and 230 volt connection, there are absorber coolers that can be operated with gas. A gas cooler is particularly suitable as a camping cooler, since many campers use gas for cooking anyway.

These cool boxes attract attention with their convincing cooling performance, as temperature differences of up to 25 degrees Celsius are possible compared to the ambient temperature. A gas cooler is significantly quieter than a model with a compressor. This is an advantage when camping at night. Hotel minibars often use this cooling technology in view of the quiet operation.

How does an absorber cooler work? The cooling system of this box uses a special coolant. This makes the cool box noiseless since there are no moving parts that are required for cooling. Electricity triggers chemical processes in the cool box that cause cooling. This makes this form of mobile refrigerator self-regulating and maintenance-free. An absorber cooler must meet high tightness requirements so that the gases that serve as coolants cannot escape.

Given the temperature difference that an absorber cooler can achieve compared to the environment, this model is suitable for use at up to 30 degrees Celsius . With higher outside temperatures it is no longer ensured that your perishable food stays sufficiently cool. This limits the possible uses for an absorber cooler. So weigh these advantages and disadvantages before buying:

  • Optionally operated with gas – usually in the form of cartridges – and usable without a power connection
  • Noiseless use possible
  • Can be used flexibly via a 12 or 230 volt power connection
  • Very suitable for camping
  • Maintenance free and durable
  • Self-regulating
  • Available as a large cool box with a large capacity
  • Not recommended at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius
  • The cool box should always be level due to the coolant inside so that the desired cooling temperature can be reliably achieved

What is a thermoelectric cool box ? A thermoelectric cool box is known as a Peltier cool box. Such an electric cooler is often available not only with a 12-volt but also with a 230-volt connection. You have the choice whether you want to operate the device as a cooler for the car via the cigarette lighter or using a regular socket. The low weight of these cool boxes speaks for itself. In addition, the prices are comparatively low.

What is the term “Peltier”? A thermoelectric cool box works according to the Peltier effect. This effect got its name from Jean Peltier, who lived from 1785 to 1845. The Peltier effect is based on the fact that a current flow can cause a temperature difference. This principle is used in Peltier cool boxes. The Peltier effect can be used well with heating elements. The abbreviation “TEC” is also used for Peltier coolers. The abbreviation stands for “thermoelectric cooler”.

However, the price savings go hand in hand with a moderate cooling capacity that cannot compete with a compressor cooler or an absorber cooler. You should be informed about the high power consumption , as this increases the follow-up costs for the operation of the cool box. The fan, which has a thermoelectric cooler, is loud, which may prevent you as a prospective buyer from opting for such a car refrigerator. To make your purchase decision easier, a comparison of the main advantages and disadvantages of this device type follows:

  • Relatively low prices
  • Can be used flexibly thanks to the 12 and 230 volt connections
  • To use as a car refrigerator
  • Space-saving with a relatively low weight
  • These cool boxes are considered to be extremely durable
  • Average cooling performance, which is directly correlated to the prevailing ambient temperatures
  • Loud operating noises
  • High power consumption combined with correspondingly high operating costs

In conclusion, the hybrid coolers should be said that they are also relatively cheap to buy. Compared to a pure Peltier cool box, however, the hybrid model scores with better cooling performance.

Which is better – a cool box or a cool bag?

It is not possible to answer this question across the board. However, you will find a practical decision-making aid below. If you want the most compact and flexible form of cooling for your food , a cooler bag will probably appeal to you. A cool bag has a significantly lower weight than a heavy cool box. However, the cooler bag is inferior in terms of cooling performance. The reason for this is that passive cooling can always be assumed for a cooler bag. The insulation is usually not as efficient as that of a cool box. A cooler bag is therefore particularly suitable for transporting your food and drinks over short distances and for a short cooling period.

Cooling bags are not only suitable for the transport of frozen food from the supermarket to your home. If you are planning an excursion, drinks, pasta salad, herb butter, etc. can be stored in a handy cooler bag. You may be carrying your yogurt or other breakfast treats to your workplace with such a bag. A cool box, on the other hand, is useful if you want to reliably benefit from better cooling performance.

For longer journeys by car, a cool box, which you can operate using your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, can be useful. By choosing a box with active cooling, your food stays chilled longer. The longer cooling time and the larger capacity as well as the possibility to reach lower temperatures and even minus degrees speak for an electric cool box. However, such a box cannot compete with the light weight of the cooler bag.

If you don’t want to struggle with the heavy weight of this mobile refrigerator, consider buying a cooler with wheels . Keep in mind that the cool box has a rigid shape, while a cool bag is flexible and pliable. This may mean that you may have problems placing a particularly bulky cool box in your vehicle. Before buying, you should therefore take a look at the dimensions of your desired product.

Which cool box to buy? Practical tips for your selection

In view of the many options and the different technologies, there is hardly any way around a cool box comparison. Your personal life circumstances, your budget and your preferences should be the focus of your research. In addition, there are a number of quality criteria that apply when buying most cool boxes . Use this list to get an overview:

  • The dimensions
  • The maximum net capacity in liters
  • Active or passive cooling
  • The weight
  • The energy efficiency class for models with electricity
  • The cooling system with active cooling
  • The cooling time with passive cooling
  • The design
  • The effort for care and maintenance
  • The insulation
  • The brand and its reputation
  • The connections
  • The operating costs for electric or gas powered coolers
  • Transport rollers
  • The material
  • The scope of delivery
  • The length of the guarantee period
  • Repair service from the manufacturer – especially important for very expensive boxes from the high-end segment

Energy efficiency is particularly important if you want to use your cool box for a longer period of time. This can be the case not only when camping, but for example when your kitchen is being renovated and you have to do without a conventional refrigerator. However, not all manufacturers state this value. The simple reason is that many cool boxes are only used for short distances and short periods, such as a day trip. In such a scenario, energy efficiency is indeed negligible.

With regard to the dimensions of your new cool box, you should not only check to what extent it can be conveniently accommodated in your car, truck or camper. Rather, many cool boxes have ventilation slots, from which a minimum distance specified by the manufacturer must be observed.You have to plan this space if you do not want to risk that your cooler overheats and can be irreparably damaged. Weight matters. If you want the lightest possible cool box, you will choose a simple, passive model made of polystyrene. Compressor coolers weigh the most, which is why it makes sense for such a heavy device to pay attention to transport rollers when buying it. However, this considerably restricts your selection, since transport rollers are not among the common standard features of such boxes.

With regard to the useful content, it is better not just to keep an eye on the total capacity. The height of the interior of the cool box should be decisive for the purchase . This value is the only way to determine which bottles fit upright in your cool box. When buying a passive cool box, it should be borne in mind that you cannot use the entire interior of the box for your food. Plan enough space for the ice packs or ice cubes to cool your food and drinks.

How can I determine the cooling capacity of a cool box? In the case of passive cool boxes, the manufacturers cannot provide any information on the cooling capacity, since these models use external cooling batteries. The situation is different for models with active cooling. The cooling capacity is defined as the temperature difference that the box can achieve in comparison to the prevailing ambient temperature. It should be borne in mind that only compressor coolers are able to cool your food at sub-zero temperatures.

A look at independent judgments such as those of the Stiftung Warentest or Öko Test cannot hurt either. You can find more information on this at the end of this guide. Also keep an eye on real customer reviews for your coolbox favorites. This makes the cool box comparison a lot easier for you, since you can find out more about cleaning, handling and user-friendliness, as well as the build quality and durability of the different boxes.

Which brands offer cool boxes?

Now that you are familiar with some of the most important quality features of a cool box , it is time for a comparison of articles and brands. This manufacturer overview tells you which brands could make your shortlist:

  • Waeco cool box
  • Coleman cool box
  • EZetil cool box
  • Campingaz coolers
  • ETS Georges David SA
  • Mobicool
  • Cool boxes from Campus
  • Allibert cool boxes
  • EDA
  • Curver cool box
  • 10T outdoor equipment

Mobicool has been around since 1991 . This group not only produces cool boxes, but also specializes in other cooling systems such as car coolers, mini and party refrigerators. Campingaz has been offering hard coolers to its customers since 1977. The company has now completed its camping range.

Rather, the takeover by the American company Coleman took place in 1996. Coleman can look back on a long company history that began in 1900. SEVERIN has been in business for even longer, since 1892. you will be interested in the cool boxes of this company. As you can see, it can make sense as part of your purchase decision to find out more about the different brands.

Frequently asked questions

Which cool box is recommended for the car?

If you want to buy a car cooler or cooler bag, how long do you want to cool your food and drinks? A passive cool box is usually sufficient for short journeys. For longer distances, you should opt for a cool box with a 12 volt connection. At the same time, the cool box should work as energy-saving as possible, so as not to damage the car battery of your vehicle too much. Consider the dimensions of your new car cooler. A small cool box is much easier to store in most vehicles than an XXL model.

After all, you have to place the cooler inside the vehicle near the cigarette lighter, as the cable length is limited and the power connection is essential for cooling. Whether absorber, compressor or thermoelectric cool box, all these boxes are available with a suitable connection for power operation in the car. Ultimately, your budget and your preferences as well as your requirements decide which model it should be for you. It is best to refer to the previous list of advantages and disadvantages of these three types when making your decision.

How long will my food stay cold in my cool box?

The longer your mobile cooler cools your food and drinks, the more flexibly you can use them. The exact cooling time is difficult to determine because it depends on a variety of factors. The cooling time of a passive cool box is in most models a maximum of 12 hours. The more batteries or ice you put in the box, the better the cooling time will be. At the same time, this limits the available storage space for the food to be cooled.

If you have chosen a cool box that can be operated via an electrical power source, this can offer you an unlimited cooling capacity. Only when using the cigarette lighter in your vehicle will you be faced with the restriction that your car battery will eventually be exhausted due to the continuous operation. The same applies to the batteries of battery-operated coolers.

As soon as your electric cooler is no longer supplied with power or you use a passive cooler, the outside temperatures play a role. In freezing winter temperatures, the ice box will keep your food cool significantly longer than if you set up the mobile refrigerator at 30 degrees Celsius in the blazing sun. The more you open the box, the more heat can get inside. Therefore, keep the cool box closed as far as possible and only open it when absolutely necessary. This is how your food stays cold the longest.

How much electricity does a cool box use?

The consumption of a mobile refrigerator is one of the values ​​that you should take into account when comparing your cooler. The consumption depends on the following factors:

  1. Insulation because better insulation reduces cold loss and consumption
  2. The size of the box because the consumption increases proportionally compared to the size
  3. The outside temperature, since a higher ambient temperature means a higher energy expenditure for cooling the food
  4. The temperature of the refrigerated goods – the warmer the food and drinks are, the more they have to be cooled, which means higher consumption
  5. The operating time

A look at this list shows why it is difficult to provide general information on consumption. You can assume that a stationary refrigerator is more energy efficient than a cool box. This means that you should do well to put refrigerated goods in your cool box instead of filling them with lukewarm food and drinks.

With an electric cooler, pay attention to a high energy efficiency class. For electrical devices, the energy consumption depends on the power in watts and the operating time. When using an absorber cooler with gas, you can expect an approximate consumption value of 10 to 25 grams of gas per hour.

Thanks to this data, you can calculate the operating time for which your gas cartridge will approximately suffice. Regarding the use of cold packs with passive cool boxes, it should be said that it will take a maximum of 10 to 15 hours until the batteries have warmed up too much to cool your food well enough.

Which gas is required for a gas cooler?

Most absorber coolers can be operated with a compact gas cartridge or with a gas bottle with propane gas. A distinction is made between the following variants of gas cartridges:

  • MSF-1a valve cartridges
  • Screw cartridges
  • Cartridges

You will need an adapter to use a valve cartridge, as this cartridge has no thread. The adapter turns the valve cartridge into a screw cartridge. Don’t be surprised if the valve opens as soon as you screw the adapter onto the cartridge. This is wanted because the adapter has its own valve. You also need a regulator that you can connect to the gas hose of your cool box. Such a cartridge regulator is required for a screw-in cartridge.

This regulator is required because gas cartridges have a smaller thread than the gas hose of the common absorber coolers. You need adapters and controllers when using a plug-in cartridge. If you want to connect a gas cartridge with as few accessories as possible to your absorber cooler, you can use a screw-in cartridge for which you do not need an adapter.

What are cool boxes in English called?

The following terms are common for cool boxes in English:

  • Cooler
  • Cold box
  • Cooling box
  • Ice box
  • Portable ice chest

How long have there been cool boxes?

The invention of the first cool box goes back to an American named Richard C. Laramy. He was able to shine with this brilliant brainstorm in Illinois in 1951. The patent for this invention was later transferred to the Coleman Company. An important innovation followed in 1954, since the production of coolers now relied on galvanized outer casings. Just 3 years later, plastic covers for mobile refrigerators have become established. Whether fishing, hiking, grilling or camping, cool boxes have long since started their international triumph.

Which cool box is recommended for camping?

When camping, it can sometimes be assumed that you have no or only limited access to an electrical outlet. If you are traveling in sunny regions, a solar cooler can be worthwhile. Keep in mind that this cool box needs a lot of energy to achieve the desired cooling performance due to the high outside temperatures. Therefore it can happen that the solar charge is not sufficient. You are on the safe side with an absorber cooler with gas. If you carry enough gas with you, you can ensure that your food stays cool enough in the great outdoors during your camping trip.

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