Best kitchen scales

Best kitchen scales – Buyer’s Guide 2020

Best kitchen scales is available in numerous households. You can use a kitchen scale to weigh different foods . As a rule, this gives you the opportunity to determine the weight of flour, sugar, butter and many other ingredients. This can help prevent you from using too much or too little of a food when cooking or baking. For example, you can avoid weighing a dish that is too salty by weighing it.

Many models cannot only be used as food scales. They are often also suitable for weighing other objects. For example, some kitchen scales can be used to weigh packages, letters and / or precious metals. But which kitchen scale is the best and how do the individual models differ? So that you get answers to these questions, we present 12 digital scales for the kitchen in our kitchen scales comparison. In addition, in our guide we will introduce you to the types of kitchen scales as well as the purchase criteria and functions of the scales.

Best Kitchen Scales 2020

1. Adoric kitchen scale with stainless steel platform & tare function

The Adoric kitchen scale is a silver-colored digital scale that is operated by AAA batteries . It can weigh up to 5 kg. This is done using four precise sensors. The fine division is 1 gram. So this kitchen scale is pretty accurate.

This digital kitchen scale from Adoric has a smooth platform made of stainless steel. This is equipped with anti-fingerprint technology. This makes cleaning the kitchen scale easier.

It is positive that the scales measure from 1 gram. Because of this, you can use them ideally for measuring spices and oils, for example. With this kitchen scale you can read the measurement results digitally via an LCD display. This has a purple backlight.

In addition, the Adoric kitchen scale offers a battery level indicator and an overload indicator. Other features include the tare function, which allows you to reset the scale to zero, and the automatic switch-off. This scale also offers the option of changing the measuring unit. Measurements are possible in grams, milliliters, ounces and pounds.

2. Soehnle Page professional digital scale with a maximum load of 15 kilograms

The Soehnle Page Profi digital scale is designed in anthracite. It is made of plastic and has a surface made of safety glass. This electronic kitchen scale is operated by two AAA batteries. These are included in the scope of delivery.

This kitchen scale can weigh the food in increments of 1 gram. Therefore this model is quite precise. The maximum carrying weight is also advantageous. This is 15 kilograms. As a result, this Soehnle digital scale is even suitable for weighing packages.

A special feature of the Soehnle kitchen scale is the hold function. This freezes the measurement result for 10 seconds. This function is particularly useful if you want to weigh larger objects or food.

The kitchen scales are equipped with an automatic switch-off and a tare function. In addition, this model is equipped with sensor touch technology. Thanks to this, the keypads are particularly sensitive and react to gentle touches.

3. Etekcity 5KG kitchen scale in silver: digital scale with illuminated display

This digital kitchen scale from Etekcity is powered by batteries. It is equipped with four high-precision sensors. Because of this, the kitchen scale can deliver very accurate measurement results. The weight shows the digital scale in increments of 1 gram. The scales can weigh a maximum of 5 kg.

This kitchen scale is equipped with a conversion function. The Etekcity scale can therefore indicate the measurement results in different units. In addition to grams, these include:

  • Milliliters
  • Fluid ounce
  • ounce
  • lb

You can read the measurement results on the illuminated LCD display. On this you can also see whether the battery is low or overloaded.

This Etekcity kitchen scale can convince, among other things, by the silver design. In addition, the scale is made of stainless steel and is equipped with anti-print technology. The tare function is also practical. Another useful function is the automatic switch-off: thanks to this, the scale switches off automatically after 2 minutes.

4. Etekcity 5KG digital scale with weighing pan, timer & room temperature display

The Etekcity 5KG kitchen scale is a digital scale in silver. It is made of stainless steel and is visually appealing and of high quality. It is operated using AAA batteries. With this kitchen scale you can weigh food up to 5 kg. The measurements succeed in 1 gram steps. You can also switch between different units with this digital scale. The kitchen scale can indicate the weight in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces.

This digital scale is provided with an illuminated LCD display. In addition, it has a battery level indicator and an overload indicator. Additional features of this model include:

  1. Tare function: You can use the weighing function to reset the kitchen scale to zero.
  2. Automatic switch-off: If you do not use the scale for 2 minutes, it switches itself off.
  3. Timer: Thanks to this feature, you can optimally check the cooking and baking times.
  4. Room temperature display : The scale shows the current room temperature on the display, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  5. Weighing bowl : The Etekcity kitchen scale is equipped with a bowl. This is made of stainless steel and has a volume of 2.15 liters. If you want, you can remove this bowl.

5. Amir kitchen scale: Noble digital scale in silver

The Amir kitchen scale is a silver scale made of stainless steel and plastic. It is elegantly designed and offers a slim design. The measurement results are displayed digitally on this kitchen scale. You can read the results on an LCD display with blue backlight. This can also inform you about an overload and a low battery.

If you want to weigh food with this kitchen scale, benefit from the fine division of 1 gram. The maximum load is 5 kg. The kitchen scale can measure a minimum of 3 grams.

This kitchen scale from Amir offers six weighing units. These include:

  • Grams
  • kilogram
  • lb
  • ounce
  • Millilitres
  • Milk millilitres

Additional features are the weighing function and the automatic switch-off, which switches the scale off after 70 seconds of inactivity. Two AAA batteries are required to operate this kitchen scale. These are included in the scope of delivery.

6. Accuweight AW-KS001 kitchen scale with red illuminated display

You can use this Accuweight digital scale optimally for weighing food. It is designed in black, is made of plastic and is equipped with a weighing surface made of tempered safety glass. The maximum load is 5 kg. The fine division is 1 gram. The Accuweight AW-KS001 kitchen scale is operated by two AAA batteries. These are included in the scope of delivery of the scale.

The LCD display, which is illuminated in red, is positive. With this you can easily read the measurement results. In addition, it shows a low battery and an overload.

The units that this kitchen scale has available include grams, milliliters, pounds, ounces and liquid ounces. The model has an automatic switch-off. This Accuweight kitchen scale is also equipped with a weighing function. You can use this function to reset the kitchen scale to zero.

7. Beurer KS 19 digital kitchen scale

As an alternative to the kitchen scales already presented by other manufacturers, we can also recommend another Beurer device from the brand that is characterized by a good price-performance ratio. The digital kitchen scale with the model designation KS 19 not only offers a tare weighing function, but also practical sensor button operation and a maximum load capacity of up to 5 kg, making this device ideal for use in the kitchen.

So if you are looking for a practical kitchen helper to individually weigh ingredients for baking and cooking, you can read all the details on the large LCD display without any problems. Another advantage is the compact design of this digital kitchen scale. This model is not only very quick to clean, but also fits anywhere in your work area in the kitchen, which is really practical.

While the load capacity is specified by the manufacturer as up to 5 kg, all results of the measurements are displayed within a 1 g division. In this respect, it is also conceivable that you can also use this electronic scale as a letter scale.

Conclusion on the Beurer KS 19 digital kitchen scaleIf you are looking for a digital kitchen scale that is available at a very good price and offers a detailed division into 1 g measuring units, you cannot make a mistake with this model from the manufacturer Beurer.

8. Soehnle Purista kitchen scale with weighing function and automatic switch-off

The Soehnle Purista kitchen scale is powered by batteries. On the one hand, it scores with the automatic switch-off. On the other hand, the kitchen scale is provided with a weighing function. With this kitchen scale, you can benefit from the digital display of the measurement results on an LCD display.

The maximum load capacity of the model is 5 kg. The fine division is 1 gram.

Another feature of this Soehnle kitchen scale is the switch function: You can display the measurement results in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces.

Furthermore, this digital scale can convince with its modern design. The kitchen scale is white and made of plastic. The surface is made of safety glass.

9. Beurer KS 25 kitchen scale with 1.2 liter plastic bowl

The Beurer KS 25 kitchen scale is a digital kitchen scale that is operated and offered with two AAA batteries. It offers a maximum load of 3 kilograms. This is enough to weigh many different foods.

The division is in 1 gram increments. Because of this, this scale is pretty accurate. The kitchen scales can indicate the weight in grams as well as in ounces and pounds. To do this, you can switch the unit to millilitres and to liquid ounce. This Beurer kitchen scale has an LCD display. This is equipped with a blue backlight. The digit height is about 2 centimeters.

Other features of the model are:

  • The tare function
  • The automatic switch-off
  • The overload indicator

In addition, this Beurer kitchen scale is a kitchen scale with a bowl. This bowl is made of plastic and is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher . The bowl has a capacity of 1.2 liters.

10. Electronic Exzact stainless steel kitchen scale

With this kitchen scale from Exzact you can weigh different foods. The scale can measure the weight of dry ingredients. You can also use this scale to find out the volume of water and milk. The kitchen scale shows all measurement results digitally on an LCD display.

The kitchen scale is made of stainless steel. The division is 1 gram. The capacity is 5 kilograms. Furthermore, this kitchen scale has a battery level indicator and an overload indicator as well as an automatic switch-off function, thanks to which the scale switches itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity.

The Exzact Premium kitchen scale is equipped with a mixing bowl. This bowl has a diameter of 21 centimetres and is 10 centimetres high. It is made of steel and is removable.

11. Hotchy Billpow digital kitchen scale with stainless steel weighing plate

This kitchen scale from Hotchy is a digital kitchen scale in silver. It has a stainless steel weighing plate and offers a high-quality design. This digital scale is designed for a maximum of 5 kg. The minimum carrying weight is 5 grams. Therefore, you cannot weigh spices or the like under 5 grams with this kitchen scale. The scale is pretty precise for that. The division is 1 gram.

The Hotchy Bill pow kitchen scales are equipped with an LCD display as well as a battery level indicator and an overheating indicator. This kitchen scale is offered with two AAA batteries. In addition, the kitchen scale switches off if you have not used it actively for 70 seconds.

Just like most kitchen scales from our kitchen scale comparison, this model is a kitchen scale with a weighing function. This function makes it easy to add new ingredients and weigh them one after the other.

It is advantageous that this digital kitchen scale is equipped with a conversion function: it can specify the weight in units of grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces and measure the volume in millilitres.

12. Soehnle Roma kitchen scale: Modern digital scale in white

This digital kitchen scale from Soehnle is made of plastic and is designed in white. The weighing surface is made of safety glass. This Soehnle digital scale offers an overall modern design. The kitchen scale has a capacity of up to 5 kilograms. It measures the weight in 1 gram increments and is therefore quite precise.

The features of the Soehnle digital scale Roma include:

  • The LCD display
  • The tare function
  • The automatic switch-off

It is also positive that you can remove the weighing plate. This makes it easier to clean it. It is even possible to have the weighing plate cleaned in the dishwasher.

Buying Guides

The types of kitchen scales: comparison of analog and digital scales

Before you buy a kitchen scale, you should consider whether the measurement results of the kitchen scale should be displayed analog or digital. Digital kitchen scales in particular are widespread and popular. But the analog kitchen scales can also convince by various aspects and are available in many households. At Kitchen Guides we show the positive and negative features of both types below.

  • The analog kitchen scale

An analog kitchen scale is sometimes called a mechanical kitchen scale or a manual kitchen scale. The measurement results are displayed on an analog scale using a scale and a pointer.

The measurement results of analog kitchen scales are often less accurate compared to the digital models. Because of this, an analog kitchen scale is only suitable if you do not want or need to take it exactly with the quantities. You should also keep in mind that most analog kitchen scales only have a low maximum load capacity. This is often 2 kilograms.

An analog kitchen scale is operated without electricity. So you can always use a mechanical kitchen scale. In addition, an analog kitchen scale is usually less prone to defects. A manual kitchen scale is sometimes referred to as a retro scale. This is because many analog kitchen scales have been designed nostalgically. Therefore, such a kitchen scale can be a real eye-catcher. At the same time, an analogue retro kitchen scale is extremely stable.

For this, analog kitchen scales and especially the retro scales are larger and heavier than the digital kitchen scales. That is why you cannot store an analog kitchen scale in the kitchen as space-saving as a digital kitchen scale.

  • Often designed nostalgically
  • Greater stability
  • No batteries needed
  • Less susceptibility to defects
  • Higher weight
  • Bulky
  • Usually lower load capacity
  • Inaccurate measurement results
  • The digital kitchen scale

A digital kitchen scale is sometimes called an electrical kitchen scale or an electronic kitchen scale. Many of these models can convince with a simple and partly noble design. A digital kitchen scale is usually flat and compact.

An electric kitchen scale is usually equipped with an LCD display. The display is often illuminated. If the display is equipped with a backlight, you can easily see the measured weight in both bright and dark surroundings.

A digital kitchen scale often measures very precisely. The fine division is usually 1 gram. That is why you can use a digital kitchen scale optimally if you want to place the greatest possible value on the most accurate measurement results and / or cook and bake regularly. In addition to the basic function, many digital kitchen scales are equipped with various additional functions. For example, some models can display a nutritional analysis. Others can measure in different units of measurement, switch themselves off or read out the measurement results.

You should consider that a digital kitchen scale is powered by electricity. Batteries are therefore required for most models.

  • More precise measurement results
  • Flat and compact design
  • Simple and partly elegantly designed
  • Usually a large range of functions
  • Often equipped with an illuminated LCD display
  • Usually batteries necessary for operation
  • More prone to defects
  • Often less stability

Important purchase criteria for kitchen scales: How do I find the best kitchen scale?

There are many criteria that play a role when buying a kitchen scale. If you want to find the best kitchen scale, you should keep an eye on the intended use. The best kitchen scale is ideal for you and your needs. At Kitchen Guides we present several criteria that you should check when buying a kitchen scale. This includes:

  • The material: Some digital kitchen scales are equipped with a stainless steel surface or are made entirely of stainless steel. These models usually look high quality. In addition, stainless steel is less susceptible to rust. Other kitchen scales have a glass surface. This is often safety glass. For this purpose, numerous digital kitchen scales are at least to a certain extent made of plastic. Analog kitchen scales are made of plastic or steel.
  • The fine division: The fine division shows how exactly the kitchen scale can measure. Analog kitchen scales are partly provided with a fine division of 20 grams. Such a fine division means that the scale measures and displays the weight in 20 gram increments. Some of the analog kitchen scales are still less precise and have a division of 50 grams. Digital kitchen scales measure weight more precisely. The fine division of these models is often 1 gram. If you want an even more precise division, you can choose a model with a fine division of 0.1 grams. Such a model is partly a kitchen scale. You should note that an extremely precise kitchen scale is usually associated with a higher purchase price.
  • The maximum load capacity: The maximum load capacity describes the capacity of the kitchen scale. Many kitchen scales can carry up to 5 kg. This is usually sufficient if you only want to use the kitchen scale for cooking and baking. If you mainly want to weigh light food, you can use a kitchen scale with an even lower load capacity. For example, a kitchen scale with a capacity of 3 kg is sufficient for many applications. There are also models with a maximum load capacity of up to 15 kilograms or higher. With these kitchen scales, it is possible to weigh heavier objects, such as parcels.
  • The minimum load capacity: The minimum load capacity indicates from which gram the kitchen scale reacts. Most kitchen scales only measure the weight as soon as there are at least 5 grams on the scale. For example, if you want to weigh oils or spices, the kitchen scale should react from the first gram.
  • Handling: With regard to handling, you should first check the size. Analog kitchen scales are usually bulky. If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can better use a digital kitchen scale. These are usually compact. On the other hand, you should make sure that the weighing surface is large enough so that you can place larger bowls and bowls on it. If you want to buy a digital kitchen scale, you should also examine the LCD display. This should also be large enough and back lit.
  • The range of functions: You can use a kitchen scale to weigh food. In addition to the basic function, many models have other functions. This is especially true for digital kitchen scales. For example, these are usually equipped with an automatic switch-off, the so-called tare function, a battery level display and a conversion function. Analog kitchen scales are often only provided with the basic function and sometimes also with the tare function. Many an analog kitchen scale can also display the time.
  • Stability: An analog kitchen scale is usually stable. On the one hand, this is due to the higher weight. On the other hand, analog kitchen scales are large and mostly made of steel. A digital kitchen scale is generally less robust. Some digital kitchen scales are equipped with non-slip feet so that they have a fairly secure stand.
  • The design: Many digital kitchen scales are simply designed and designed in white, gray, anthracite or black. Analog scales, on the other hand, can often convince with their nostalgic design.
  • The weighing bowl : some kitchen scales are equipped with a bowl. A kitchen scale with a weighing bowl can be practical. Because this bowl is precisely tailored to the design and dimensions of the scale. However, this bowl has a certain filling quantity, which is not large enough for every purpose. It is therefore important that you can remove the bowl. In addition, it is much easier to clean a removable bowl. A weighing bowl is often even suitable for the dishwasher.
  • The operating mode: If you want a digital kitchen scale, you should check the operating mode. Numerous models are powered by batteries. There are also one or two digital kitchen scales with a power supply. You can often operate these with batteries and alternatively with mains power. If you attach particular importance to environmental friendliness, you can use a solar-powered kitchen scale. This is equipped with solar cells, so that neither batteries nor a power supply are required for operation.

The functional scope of kitchen scales: which functions are useful?

As already described, the range of functions of analog kitchen scales is usually limited. Digital kitchen scales can in turn have numerous functions. At Kitchen Guides, we would like to introduce some of the most common functions below:

  1. The time: The display of the time can be practical if there is no separate clock in your kitchen. If the kitchen scale is operated electronically and is equipped with a clock, this usually shows the time digitally. An analog kitchen scale with a clock is usually provided with a clockwork and an additional scale.
  2. Automatic switch-off: The automatic switch-off can ensure a longer battery life. Thanks to this function, the kitchen scale switches off if it has not been actively operated for a while. When buying, you should pay attention to the period of time after which the kitchen scale switches off automatically. Too short a period is impractical. Most kitchen scales turn off after about 60 to 120 seconds of inactivity.
  3. The hold function: This function is sometimes referred to as the memory function. If a kitchen scale is equipped with this feature, the scale can save or freeze the last measurement result. If, for example, you place a large bowl through which the display can no longer be seen, you can use the hold function to view the measurement result again as soon as you have removed the object from the weighing surface.
  4. The tare function: The tare function is sometimes known as a weighing function. Most analog and digital kitchen scales have this feature. This makes it possible to measure the weight of a food and then reset the scale to zero. This is practical, for example, if you want to put several foods in a row in a bowl.
  5. The timer: A kitchen scale with a timer has an alarm function. You can set a period of time on this scale. As soon as this is over, the kitchen scale will sound an alarm.
  6. The sensor function: If the kitchen scale is equipped with a sensor function, it is sufficient to touch the keys gently. Such a kitchen scale has highly sensitive keypads. This is advantageous if your hands are dirty from baking or cooking and you want to operate the scale.
  7. The conversion function: The conversion function makes it possible to measure the weight not only in grams or in kilograms. Instead, many kitchen scales are provided with other units of measurement, such as pounds and ounces. If you like to try out foreign-language recipes, the conversion function is advantageous. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to research every weight in the network or to convert every weight in your head.
  8. The nutritional analysis: A kitchen scale with nutritional analysis can display different nutritional values. For example, some models can provide calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. This kitchen scale is ideal for athletes. This kitchen scale is also beneficial for diabetics as well as for anyone who wants to go on a diet or eat a health-conscious diet. There are even special diet scales that can provide information on minerals and vitamins.
  9. The voice function: If you are looking for a kitchen scale for the visually impaired, a kitchen scale with a voice function can be ideal for you. This can read out the weight. At the same time, such a kitchen scale is ideal for seniors.
  10. The battery level indicator: If batteries are required to operate the kitchen scale, a battery level indicator is useful. As soon as the battery is low, the scale will indicate this. As a result, you can change the batteries in good time and prevent the scale from switching off during weighing.

A kitchen scale for wall mounting: ideal for small kitchens

In some cases you can hang up an analog or digital kitchen scale. An analog or digital kitchen scale for hanging is sometimes called a wall kitchen scale. You can optimally use a kitchen scale for the wall if you have a small kitchen and / or if you want to use the scale regularly.

A wall kitchen scale can often be folded. You can fold down such a model if you need it. After weighing, you can fold up the weighing surface. As a rule, such a kitchen scale for wall mounting can be used directly after folding down. In addition, it usually switches off automatically after folding up.

If you want to attach a kitchen scale to the wall, you should consider various aspects. Because not every place is suitable for a wall-mounted kitchen scale. It is important that you mount the scale in a place where you can clearly see the display or the scale. In addition, you should not have any problems placing the food on the kitchen scale.

With a kitchen scale for the wall, you should pay particular attention to the maximum load capacity. If you weigh food or other objects that are too heavy, the hinges can be damaged.

Baking and cooking without a kitchen scale: tips & tricks

A kitchen scale can be very practical. It can help with cooking and baking. However, you can of course bake and cook without a kitchen scale. On Kitchen Guides we have put together some tips for cooking or baking without a kitchen scale. We would like to present these below.

Measure using cups

If you want to bake or cook without a kitchen scale, you can use a cup. For example, a small cup can hold approximately 125 millilitres of liquid and approximately 80 grams of flour. If you want to use a large cup, the following information can be helpful. A large cup roughly corresponds to:

  • 250 millilitres of liquid
  • 225 grams of sugar
  • 120 grams of powdered sugar
  • 120 grams of flour
  • 225 grams of butter
  • 120 grams of cocoa

Tea and tablespoons can be used for measuring

With the help of tea and tablespoons it is possible to determine the weight. For example, you can use the following guidelines as a guide:

  • Water: One teaspoon of water corresponds to 5 millilitres. A tablespoon of water corresponds to 15 millimetres.
  • Flour: A teaspoon of flour is around 5 grams and a tablespoon is around 10 grams. The same information applies to butter and margarine.
  • Cocoa: One teaspoon of cocoa corresponds to approximately 2 grams and one tablespoon of cocoa corresponds to approximately 5 grams.

Measuring cup with details in grams & millilitres can be used

You can make the most of a measuring cup to measure without a kitchen scale. It is important that this is provided with as many different gram information as possible. You can often use a measuring cup to measure water, sugar and flour.

If you want to measure smaller quantities, you should use a V-shaped measuring cup. These measuring cups are made narrower at the bottom, so that you can see the measurements in the lower area more precisely.

FAQ about kitchen scales: 5 important questions & answers


  • Where are kitchen scales available?

You can order a kitchen scale online or purchase it locally. For example, you can find a kitchen scale at Media Markt and other consumer electronics stores. Kitchen scales are partly available from Rossmann and other drugstores. Sometimes even discounters and supermarkets have kitchen scales ready. For example, you can purchase a kitchen scale from Lidl from time to time.

You can also buy a kitchen scale online. Among other things, you have the opportunity to discover a kitchen scale at Amazon, Otto and Conrad. You can often find a large selection in the various online shops.

  • Do I have to adjust a kitchen scale?

Sometimes you have to calibrate and adjust a kitchen scale. This enables the scale to deliver accurate measurement results. How you can readjust a kitchen scale usually depends on the respective model. You should therefore take a look at the operating instructions before you set the kitchen scale.

  • Digital kitchen scales: which battery do I need?

Most digital kitchen scales only work with batteries. Some of these are included in the scope of delivery. Depending on how often you use the scale, these batteries can last for several years. Nevertheless, before buying, you should find out which batteries are necessary for the kitchen scale and whether they are easily available. This is especially true if you use the kitchen scale very often.

AAA batteries are required for many kitchen scales. You can buy these cheaply and in various shops. A button cell is required for other kitchen scales. The CR 2032 button cell is particularly common.

  • Are there Bluetooth kitchen scales?

There are now one or two kitchen scales with Bluetooth on the market. You can connect such a kitchen scale to a smartphone via Bluetooth . This enables direct access to recipes via the kitchen scale. This is achieved using an app. However, the kitchen scales cannot usually be connected to all smartphones. In addition, Bluetooth kitchen scales have a high purchase price.

  • How can I clean a kitchen scale?

Cleaning a kitchen scale is usually very easy. It is important that no liquid runs into the interior during this time. You can optimally use a cloth to clean a kitchen scale. You can moisten it. You can then wipe this with a little washing-up liquid over the scales.

If it is a kitchen scale with a weighing bowl, you can partially remove the bowl and thus clean it more easily. Sometimes you can put the bowl in the dishwasher for cleaning. The same applies to many removable weighing plates.

Classic kitchen scales: what are the alternatives?

You can use a classic kitchen scale for different purposes. A kitchen scale is primarily intended to weigh food. You can also use a kitchen scale to weigh precious metals, letters and much more. If you are looking for a kitchen scale for a special purpose, you can use an alternative scale if necessary. Possible alternatives to the classic kitchen scale are:

  • Pocket scales : A pocket scale is basically a small kitchen scale for on the go. As a rule, a pocket scale impresses with its compact design and low weight. Such a kitchen scale is partially collapsible. This means that you can optimally store and transport a pocket scale.
  • Precision balance: A precision balance, sometimes referred to as a precision balance, scores with high precision. The fine division of these models is often 0.1 grams. A fine scale is ideally suited for weighing spices, oils, letters, precious metals, jewelry and medicines, for example .
  • Spoon scale: A spoon scale is shaped like a spoon. You can store this scale in your kitchen to save space. A spoon scale can usually take accurate measurements. You can optimally use such a scale if you want to weigh light weights. For example, you can use this scale ideally if you want to weigh spices.
  • Letter scale: You can use a letter scale if you want to weigh letters. Some models are also intended for weighing smaller packages. However, you should bear in mind that the weighing surface is often small.

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