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13 Best Ovens – Complete Reviews 2020

There is an oven in almost every kitchen. In such a device you can prepare cakes, rolls, casseroles, pizza and various other dishes. In addition to the two classic types of heating, upper and lower heat and circulating air, many devices are equipped with some other programs, such as a grill function and / or a pizza setting. Some devices even have a microwave or steam function. The ovens are produced by BOSCH, SIEMENS, Miele, AEG and gorenje, for example.

But which types of ovens are there and which aspects do I have to pay attention to when buying? We answer these and other questions below. In our oven comparison, we present 13 electric built-in ovens with all their special features. In our guide we will deal with the different operating modes, the types of heating and other important purchase criteria.

13 Best Ovens 2020 –  Detailed Reviews


1. SIEMENS HB634GBS1 iQ700 oven with 13 types of heating and a quick heating function

The SIEMENS HB634GBS1 iQ700 oven offers you a black and silver design and a cooking space volume of 71 liters. It is equipped with halogen lighting and a TFT display. You can control the device using a rotary control, various buttons and a touch control panel. The model’s energy efficiency class is A +. The oven consumes 0.87 kilowatt hours in top-bottom heat mode and 0.69 kilowatt hours in cycle mode.

The types of heating include 4D hot air, coolStart and preheating. If you set the 4D hot air mode, the fan motor optimally distributes the heat in the cooking space, according to the manufacturer. You select the coolStart function if you do not want to preheat the oven. The preheat mode is suitable for preheating the dishes. The other types of heating are a pizza setting and the programs upper-lower heat, upper-lower heat eco, lower heat, hot air eco, large area grill, small area grill, convection grill, soft cooking and keeping warm.

Oven – which functions are useful? Most ovens have the upper-lower heat and hot air or recirculation mode. You can use these programs to prepare numerous dishes. Other useful programs include a grill level, a pizza level and a forced air grill mode. If you would like to learn more about the different programs, take a look at our guide. Here we present several types of heating.

The SIEMENS built-in oven also has various useful features:

  • Heat protection door: The outside of the oven door remains quite cool during operation. The door temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. You also have the option of opening and closing the door in a dampened state.
  • Alarm clock: If you want to use the alarm clock, set a maximum time of 24 hours. The alarm clock alerts you to the expiry of the time with an acoustic signal.
  • Rapid heating : If you select rapid heating, the oven heats up extremely quickly.
  • Childproof lock: The childproof lock ensures that children do not switch the oven on accidentally.
  • Sabbath function: When using the Sabbath function, select a temperature from 85 to 140 degrees Celsius and a period of up to 74 hours. This makes it possible to heat dishes without switching on the device.

The appliance comes to your home with a rack, an enamelled baking sheet and a universal pan. The universal pan is basically a deeper baking sheet. You can use the pan to prepare large roasts or frozen foods. Grill on the wire rack, best used as a fat drip tray.

SIEMENS HB634GBS1 iQ700 oven


If you are looking for an oven with many types of heating and additional functions, the SIEMENS appliance is very suitable for you. It has 13 types of heating and a quick heating function. Other features are the child lock, the TFT display and the alarm clock.


The SIEMENS HB634GBS1 iQ700 oven is 54.8 cm deep, 59.4 cm wide and 59.5 cm high.

You have the option of setting a temperature between 30 and 300 degrees Celsius.

Yes. You can switch off the interior lighting.

Yes. The SIEMENS oven has an electronic clock.

2. NEFF BCR4522N oven with retractable door and rotating door handle

The NEFF BCR4522N oven is a built-in oven that has a cooking space volume of 71 liters and has the energy efficiency class A +. If you set the recirculation mode, the device consumes 0.69 kilowatt hours per cycle. In the top-bottom heat mode, the energy consumption is 0.87 kilowatt hours per cycle.

The device is equipped with the following types of heating:

  • Hot air eco
  • 4D hot air
  • Top-bottom heat eco
  • Two-sided heat
  • Bottom heat
  • Large area grill
  • Small area grill
  • Fan grill
  • Pizza level
  • Bread baking stage
  • Proofing stage
  • Soft cooking

It is particularly advantageous that the device is provided with a slide and a hide function. When you open or close the oven door, the slide function ensures that the door handle also turns. Thanks to the hide function, the door is completely retractable. Other features of the model include a TFT display, a halogen light that can be switched off, a child lock, a residual heat indicator and the two functions of quick heating and PowerBoost, which allow you to heat up the oven more quickly. The scope of delivery of the NEFF built-in oven includes a universal pan, an enamelled baking sheet and a rack.

NEFF BCR4522N oven


The NEFF oven has twelve types of heating, such as a pizza setting, a bread baking level and a forced-air grill function. It offers you a cooking space volume of 71 liters. A special feature of the device is the slide-and-hide oven door. It is fully retractable and has a rotating door handle.


The door temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.

The NEFF BCR4522N oven has four shelf levels.

The NEFF oven is 59.5 cm high, 59.6 cm wide and 54.8 cm deep.

The device has a temperature range of 40 to 275 degrees Celsius.

Yes. The device has an automatic safety shutdown.

3. Amica EB 13523 electric oven with LED display, lighting and defrost function

The Amica EB 13523 electric oven is one of the cheaper models from our oven comparison. It is equipped with an LED display and two rotary controls. Use one of the two rotary controls to set your desired temperature. Use the other one to select the oven function. The model has a total of nine functions. These include the programs upper-lower heat, hot air, lower heat, grill, fan grill and super grill.

You can also use the rotary control to switch on the oven lighting, the defrost function and the rapid heating function. Other features of the Amica built-in oven are the timer and the steam clean cleaning function. If you want to use the timer, set a time period. After the set time is over, a signal sounds. When using the Steam Clean cleaning function, use steam to clean the oven.

How do I clean my oven? Some ovens have a pyrolysis self-cleaning function. This makes the oven particularly easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the oven uses a lot of electricity when using the function. If your oven does not have a pyrolysis function or another self-cleaning function, you can use salt, baking soda, lemon juice or another household remedy to clean the appliance. You can find more information on oven cleaning in our guide.

The cooking space of the Amica oven has a capacity of 66 liters. The oven door is triple glazed. There is a baking table on the inside of the door that can help you select the oven functions. It provides information about the different types of heating. It is also positive that the device comes with a grill, a frying pan or fat pan and a baking sheet.

Amica EB 13523 electric oven


The Amica oven is ideal for you if you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-use device. The model has a water vapor cleaning function and different types of heating, such as hot air, grill, fan grill and thawing. The cooking space holds up to 66 liters.


If you want to use the Steam Clean cleaning function, fill a glass with water and place it in the drip pan in the oven. Now set the upper-lower heat mode and wait about 30 minutes. Finally, wipe the interior.

The Amica EB 13523 electric oven has been classified in energy efficiency class A.

Yes. You can retrofit a telescopic pull-out.

4. NEFF BCR5522N oven with self-cleaning function and twelve types of heating

The NEFF BCR5522N oven has the energy efficiency class A + and a cooking space volume of 71 liters. The scope of delivery of the model includes a grid, an enamelled baking sheet and a universal pan. The oven is equipped with twelve types of heating. The model has a pizza stage, a bread baking stage, a proofing stage, a large-scale grill function and a small-area grill function as well as the convection grill, soft cooking, bottom heat, top-bottom heat, top-bottom heat Eco, 4D hot air and hot air Eco heating types.

What is a universal pan suitable for? Many ovens come with a universal pan. It is similar to a baking sheet, but is deeper. Therefore, use the pan optimally when preparing a cake, a large roast or a casserole. If you want to grill on the wire rack, it is best to use the pan to catch the fat.

Practical features of the NEFF oven are:

  1. Slide and hide function: The oven door is equipped with a door handle that also rotates. It is completely retractable.
  2. Self-cleaning function: The device has a pyrolysis function. Depending on the degree of contamination, set one of three cleaning levels. The cleaning process takes up to 2 hours. Here, the oven heats up to a high temperature, so that the dirt carbonizes.
  3. Childproof lock:  You can lock the control panel with the childproof lock. This will prevent the stove from being switched on accidentally.
  4. Alarm clock: If necessary, set an alarm clock. A signal tone informs you that the set time has elapsed.
  5. Delayed operation: You can choose how long the cooking process should last and when it should end. The stove finally starts to work independently and turns itself off automatically after the desired period of time.

Just like many other models from our oven comparison, the device from NEFF has a TFT display and interior lighting. The interior lighting is a halogen lighting that can be switched off. In addition, the device has a rapid heating function, a residual heat indicator and an automatic safety shutdown.

NEFF BCR5522N oven


If you are looking for a built-in oven with a retractable door, you can choose the NEFF oven. In addition to the fully retractable oven door, the appliance is particularly impressive due to the pyrolysis function and the twelve types of heating. The types of heating include a pizza setting, two grill functions, a 4D hot air mode, a bread baking step and a forced air grill mode.


No. The scope of delivery does not include telescopic pull-outs. However, you have the option of ordering the telescopic pull-outs separately.

The NEFF oven consumes 0.69 kilowatt hours per cycle in recirculation mode and 0.87 kilowatt hours per cycle in top-bottom heating mode.

The NEFF BCR5522N oven is 54.8 centimeters deep, 59.6 centimeters wide and 59.5 centimeters high.

The door temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

5. BOSCH HBG633OS1 oven including roast thermometer, baking sheet, universal pan and grill

The BOSCH HBG633OS1 oven is a device with energy efficiency class A +. Like many other models from our oven comparison, it has an interior volume of 71 liters. In addition, the device has a TFT display, an electronic clock and an oven light that can be switched off.

Other features and special features of the BOSCH oven are:

  • Ten types of heating: The device has the types of heating top-bottom heat, top-bottom heat eco, 4D hot air, hot air eco, bottom heat, pizza setting, defrosting, small area grill, large area grill and convection grill.
  • Roast thermometer: The BOSCH oven comes with a roast thermometer. Use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the food inside. When the food has reached the desired temperature, the oven stops working independently.
  • EcoClean-Direct: The back wall of the oven is equipped with a special coating consisting of extremely fine ceramic particles. Thanks to it, the fat splashes come off during the baking or cooking process.
  • Rapid heating function : If you use the 4D hot air or top-bottom heating type, you can benefit from the rapid heating function if required. Thanks to it, the preheating time is reduced.
  • Alarm clock: If you want to use the alarm clock, you have the option to select a time period of up to 24 hours. As soon as the set time has expired, a signal sounds.
  • Childproof lock: Activate the childproof lock, prevent the stove from being switched on accidentally and the programs accidentally being changed.

BOSCH HBG633OS1 oven


The BOSCH oven scores particularly with the roast thermometer supplied, the EcoClean Direct function and the ten types of heating. The programs include a hot air function, a pizza setting and a defrost function. The device from BOSCH is primarily suitable for you if you want an easy-to-use model with different types of heating.


The device is 54.8 centimeters deep, 59.5 centimeters wide and 59.5 centimeters high.

Yes. In addition to the roast thermometer, the BOSCH HBG633OS1 oven comes with a grill, a grill plate and a universal pan.

You can set a temperature between 30 and 300 degrees Celsius.

The door temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.

Yes. The BOSCH oven is equipped with a safety shutdown.

6. KKT KOLBE EB8305ED oven – black and silver-colored device with pizza setting

The KKT KOLBE EB8305ED oven is a device from the lower price range. It is 59.5 cm high, 59.5 cm wide and 56.5 cm long. The device is designed in black and silver. Its power consumption is 0.80 kilowatt hours per cycle in the top-bottom heat mode and 0.77 kilowatt hours per cycle in the recirculation mode. The stove was classified in energy efficiency class A.

What oven sizes are there? Many ovens are approximately 60 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters high. They often have a cooking space volume between 50 and 75 liters. As an alternative, there are the compact ovens, which are approx. 60 centimeters wide and often 45 centimeters high. Your cooking space volume is 15 to 40 liters. You can find more information on the size and volume of ovens in our guide.

In addition to the top-bottom heat mode and the convection mode, the KKT KOLBE built-in oven offers a hot air function, a defrost function, a pizza setting, a grill / roasting system, a bottom heat function and a large-scale grill function. You can select the type of heating using a control dial. You also use it to adjust the lighting. You set the temperature with another rotary control. The KKT KOLBE oven has a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. It is practical that you can lower the two control buttons.

Other features of the model include a display that shows you the current time and a SteamClean cleaning system, which you use to remove dirt with steam and then remove it with a cloth. In addition, the oven has the option of setting a maximum cooking time of 10 hours. As soon as the set cooking time is over, the appliance stops working. Another feature is the alarm clock, which emits an alarm tone as soon as the set time has expired.



If your new oven is cheap, you can choose the KKT KOLBE oven. It is a 60 centimeter high device and convinces with eight types of heating, a water vapor cleaning system and the retractable control buttons. You have to cut back on this device in the energy efficiency class.


The capacity of the interior is 70 liters.

The scope of delivery includes a baking sheet and a grill rack.

No. The KKT KOLBE model is not an oven with a baking trolley.

7. beko BIM22300X oven with eight heating types and an electronic clock

The beko BIM22300X oven has energy efficiency class A. Its interior has a capacity of 66 liters. The oven is equipped with an electronic clock and two rotary switches. Use one of the two rotary knobs to select the temperature. Set the type of heating above the other. Just like the model previously presented, the beko oven has eight types of heating.

Depending on your needs, set the controller to top-bottom heat, bottom heat, hot air, convection, thawing, grill, convection grill or 3D cooking. According to the manufacturer, the oven distributes the heat evenly in the cooking space with the 3D cooking function. Another special feature is the energy saving mode. If you set this mode, the oven switches off the heating elements even before the previously set cooking time has expired. This saves you a little bit of energy.

beko BIM22300X oven


If you have a lower budget, the beko oven can be an option for you. It has eight heating functions, such as a grill function, a hot air function and a defrost function. You can set the temperature and the type of heating using two rotary controls.


The device is 59.5 cm high, 59.4 cm wide and 56.7 cm deep.

No. The model is not equipped with telescopic extensions.

No. The beko BIM22300X oven has no residual heat indicator.

Yes. The device has an alarm function.

8. SIEMENS HB674GBS1 iQ700 oven with pyrolysis function and damped door

The SIEMENS HB674GBS1 iQ700 oven belongs to the models of energy efficiency class A +. It offers you a cooking space volume of 71 liters and a temperature range between 30 and 300 degrees Celsius. It is provided with a TFT display and an alarm clock that emits a signal tone.

Are electric ovens better than gas ovens? Most ovens are electrical appliances. They enable you to set the temperature more precisely and have many programs and functions available. Gas ovens score above all because of the lower energy consumption and the rapid heat development.

The SIEMENS oven also has 13 types of heating:

  • Hot air eco
  • 4D hot air
  • Top-bottom heat eco
  • Two-sided heat
  • Bottom heat
  • Pizza level
  • Preheat
  • Keep warm
  • Soft cooking
  • Large area grill
  • Small area grill
  • Fan grill
  • coolStart

Other features include the quick heating function, halogen lighting and the softMove function. Thanks to the rapid heating function, the device heats up the interior extremely quickly. The halogen lighting makes it easier to watch the food in the oven. The softMove function ensures that you open and close the door gently.

Another peculiarity of the device is the pyrolysis function. Due to this function, the stove can basically clean itself. After pyrolysis cleaning, all you have to do is wipe the oven. The SIEMENS model is also equipped with a residual heat indicator, a safety shutdown and a Sabbath function. It is delivered with a baking sheet, a rack and a universal pan.

SIEMENS HB674GBS1 iQ700 oven


If you want an oven with a self-cleaning function and many types of heating, the SIEMENS model can be the right choice for you. It is equipped with a pyrolysis function and with 13 types of heating. It also has many other features, such as a damped door and a quick heating function.


The SIEMENS HB674GBS1 iQ700 oven is 54.8 cm deep, 59.5 cm high and 59.4 cm wide.

The handle is made of stainless steel.

Power consumption is 0.87 kilowatt hours per cycle in top-bottom heat mode and 0.69 kilowatt hours per cycle in recirculation mode.

9. SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5671RS / EG oven with 50 automatic programs and a divisible cooking space

The SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5671RS / EG oven is a model of energy efficiency class A +. Compared to the other models from our oven comparison, the SAMSUNG oven has a larger interior with a capacity of 75 liters. Another highlight is the cooking compartment divider, thanks to which you can divide the oven into two cooking compartments if necessary. For this purpose, the device is equipped with two fans and two hot air systems.

To divide the cooking space, place the cooking space divider in the middle of the interior. You can then prepare two different dishes at the same time. For example, you can cook a fish in one of the two cooking compartments and bake cookies in the other at the same time. Alternatively, you can only use one of the two cooking compartments to cook a dish in it. This saves you energy and time.

Preheating an oven – does this always make sense? Sometimes it is unnecessary to preheat the oven. You can put many dishes in an oven without bringing it to the correct temperature beforehand. However, preheating is recommended when preparing certain dishes. For example, if you want to put a delicate dough in the oven or prepare a fish in the oven, it is better to preheat the device.

Other useful features of the SAMSUNG oven are:

  1. Pyrolysis function: The pyrolysis function is a self-cleaning function. The device heats up to a very high temperature and thus burns the dirt. Afterwards it is necessary to wipe out the oven.
  2. Childproof lock: You can lock the controls using the childproof lock.
  3. Automatic programs : The built-in stove from SAMSUNG is equipped with 50 automatic programs. If you select an automatic program, the oven determines a suitable temperature and cooking time.

You can adjust the automatic programs using a rotary switch. You can also use it to set a different operating mode. You can choose between the types of heating top-bottom heat, bottom heat, hot air, eco-hot air, grill, searing, keeping warm, heating dishes, bottom heat + hot air and top heat + hot air. In addition, you operate the device using another rotary switch and several buttons.

SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5671RS - EG oven


If you value automatic programs, the SAMSUNG oven is a good choice. It has 50 automatic programs, ten types of heating and a pyrolysis function. It is particularly practical that you can divide the 75-liter interior into two cooking compartments.


No. The SAMSUNG oven is not WLAN-compatible.

The height and width are 59.5 centimeters each.

Yes. You have the option of setting a cooking time so that the SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5671RS / EG oven switches on and off independently.

Yes. If you want to use the two cooking compartments at the same time, you can set different temperatures, cooking times and operating modes.

10. Bauknecht BIR4 DH8F2 PT oven with six automatic programs and two telescopic pull-outs

The Bauknecht BIR4 DH8F2 PT oven has a stainless steel look. It has the energy efficiency class A + and a cooking space volume of 71 liters. The model is equipped, among other things, with the types of heating top-bottom heat, circulating air, hot air, grill, grill + hot air, eco-hot air, quick preheating, keeping warm and letting it rise.

Other features include:

  • Six automatic functions: You have the option of selecting one of six automatic programs. The oven independently determines the temperature and the method of preparation. The device offers the automatic programs bread, meat, casserole, pizza, baked goods / tarts and maxi cooking. The Maxi Cooking program is ideal for cooking larger pieces of meat, for example.
  • Two pull-out drawers: The Bauknecht oven comes with two pull-out drawers. One of the pull-outs is a full extension. The pull-outs make it easier to pull the baking trays and racks out of the oven.
  • Hydrolysis cleaning program: The cleaning program works with the help of water vapor. The steam loosens the dirt in the interior, so that you can then remove it more easily with a damp sponge. If you want to remove dirt from the cooking compartment, it is best to fold the grill in. This will make cleaning easier.

auknecht BIR4 DH8F2 PT oven


The Bauknecht oven is designed in silver and has a cooking space that holds 71 ​​liters. The special features of the model include above all the six automatic functions and the double baking pull-out, which makes it easier for you to pull out the baking trays.


In addition to the double pull-out tray, the device includes a drip pan, an enamelled baking sheet and a wire shelf.

Yes. The Bauknecht BIR4 DH8F2 PT oven is equipped with an electronic clock.

Yes. The model is equipped with a child lock.

The Bauknecht oven is 59.5 cm wide, 59.5 cm high and 56.4 cm deep.

11. AEG BPS35112AM oven with steam function and two pull-out drawers

The AEG BPS35112AM oven is a model with an interior volume of 71 liters. Conveniently, it has a safe-to-touch door that, according to the manufacturer, does not get particularly warm from the outside during operation. Another safety feature is the automatic shutdown function. Thanks to this, the appliance switches itself off after a certain period of time, provided you have set an oven function and have not made any changes to the settings.

Further features of the AEG oven are:

  • SteamBake function: Due to the SteamBake function, the oven can generate steam. Ideally, you should activate this function if, for example, you are cooking a roast chicken or grilled ribs in the oven, baking a cake, bread or muffins or preparing a lasagna. The steam function prevents the surface from drying out. According to the manufacturer, it ensures that the food remains soft on the inside and gets a nice crust.
  • Electronic clock : The AEG built-in oven has six clock functions. These include a time of day function, a minute minder, a timer function and a cooking timer.
  • Pyrolysis function: If you switch on the pyrolysis function, the oven heats up considerably and burns the leftovers and other dirt. Then wipe the interior with water and a cloth or sponge.

The heating types of the AEG model include various hot air programs, the two modes top-bottom heat and bottom heat, a defrost function, a pizza level, a grill level and a hot air grill function. In addition, the model is equipped with an LC display, with retractable buttons and with halogen lighting. The device also includes a grate, a universal tray and two baking drawers.

AEG BPS35112AM oven


The AEG oven is ideal for you if you want to prepare juicy dishes with crusty surfaces. Because the device is an AEG oven with steam function. In addition to the steam function, the model scores with the pyrolysis function, the pizza setting and the two baking drawers.


The AEG oven is 55 centimeters deep, 56 centimeters wide and 59 centimeters high.

The temperature range is 30 to 300 degrees Celsius.

The energy efficiency class is A +.

Yes. The AEG BPS35112AM oven has a residual heat indicator.

When the device switches off automatically depends on the temperature you have set. The switch-off time is 1.5 hours at a temperature above 250 degrees Celsius. If you have selected a temperature between 30 and 115 degrees Celsius, the oven will only switch itself off after 12.5 hours.

12. gorenje BO 73 CLI oven – cream-colored model in a retro design

The gorenje BO 73-CLI oven impresses above all with its chic look. It is designed in a light cream color and has a retro design. It belongs to the models with energy efficiency class A. The model can be operated using two knobs. Use this to set the temperature and the type of heating. You can choose between top-bottom heat, hot air, bottom heat, thawing, grill, large grill, grill-with-fan, bottom-heat-with-fan and hot-air-with-bottom heat.

Oven with or without a hob – which is better? A self-sufficient oven can be installed independently of a hob. You can therefore mount such a device at eye level. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a self-sufficient model as a single device or together with a self-sufficient hob in an oven hob set. The cookers are an alternative to the self-sufficient ovens. A stove is a combination between an oven and a hob. You can find out more about the differences between ovens and stoves in our guide.

The gorenje model is equipped with an electronic timer. It has a time of day display and a minute minder. The timer also allows you to program a switch-on delay or the end of operation. Another positive thing is that the gorenje oven is equipped with double telescopic pull-outs.

gorenje BO 73 CLI oven


The oven scores above all with its cream-colored retro design. The device is therefore ideal for you if you are looking for an unusually designed oven. The device has an electronic timer and several types of heating, such as a hot air mode, a grill function and a pizza setting.


Power consumption is 0.85 kilowatt hours per cycle in hot air mode and 0.92 kilowatt hours per cycle in top-bottom heat mode.

Yes. You can detach the oven door.

The cooking space has a capacity of 67 liters.

13. SIEMENS HM676G0S6 iQ700 oven – WiFi-enabled device with microwave function

The SIEMENS HM676G0S6 iQ700 oven is a device from the higher price range. The special thing about the model is that it is a combination device. In addition to the 13 types of heating, it also has a microwave function. The types of heating include the programs top-bottom heat, 4D hot air, pizza setting, bottom heat, keeping warm, soft cooking, preheating, small area grill, large area grill and convection grill.

The microwave of the device has five power levels. Depending on your needs, set a power of 90 watts, 180 watts, 360 watts, 600 watts or 800 watts. A combination microwave operation is also possible. Here you set a normal type of heating and the microwave function. This means the food cooks faster, saving you some time.

Other functions of the SIEMENS built-in oven include:

  1. Home Connect function: If necessary, connect the oven to the Home Connect app. This allows you to operate the oven on your smartphone . For example, you start a program via the app or make changes to the settings.
  2. activeClean self-cleaning function: The device is equipped with a pyrolysis function. It has three cleaning levels.
  3. Rapid heating function : To shorten the heating time, set the rapid heating function.

Other features are the LED lighting, the TFT display and the electronic clock. Conveniently, you also have the option of activating a child lock and locking the oven door. The SIEMENS device also offers you a cooking space volume of 67 liters.

SIEMENS HM676G0S6 iQ700 oven


If you have a higher budget and you want an oven with a microwave, this device may be just the thing for you. It is equipped with 13 types of heating and a microwave function. You can also switch on a type of heating and the microwave function at the same time. Other special features of the SIEMENS oven include the self-cleaning function and the Home Connect function, thanks to which you can control the device via an app.


The scope of delivery includes an enamelled baking sheet, a rack and a universal pan.

Yes. You can switch off the lighting.

Yes. The SIEMENS HM676G0S6 iQ700 oven has a safety shutdown.

Depending on your needs, choose a temperature between 30 and 300 degrees Celsius.

Buying Guides

What is an oven and how does it work?

In some areas in Germany and Austria, ovens are also referred to as ovens or pipes. You will find such a device in most households. It works with electricity or gas and is equipped with an interior that is thermally insulated. You can use an oven to roast, bake and grill food.

Oven or stove – how do the devices differ?

In the vernacular, an oven is also called a cooker. However, an oven is not one. We explain the differences between the two devices below:

  • The oven: An oven is a device that works independently of a hob. It has its own power supply and has no controls with which you operate a hob. You can install an oven more flexibly than a stove. Possibly. install it under a hob and combine it with a self-sufficient hob. Alternatively, place the oven at eye level.
  • The cooker: A cooker combines an oven with a hob. The two connected devices do not have a separate power supply. The disadvantage is that a stove cannot be set up as flexibly as an oven. It is advantageous that such a hob-hob combination normally has a lower purchase price than an autonomous oven and an autonomous hob.

Electric and gas ovens – the advantages and disadvantages of the operating modes

Most ovens are electrical appliances. There are also relatively few gas ovens available on the market . But which oven is the best for my household? In the following we present the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of oven.

The electric oven

Many electric ovens have various features, such as a self-cleaning function. For this purpose, they are equipped with several types of heating. The types of heating often include the programs upper-lower heat, convection, hot air, grill and convection grill. Another advantage is that you can set the temperature of an electrical device more precisely. You can also choose a low temperature below 100 degrees Celsius. This gives you the option of defrosting the food in the oven, cooking it gently or keeping it warm. To do this, electric ovens use more energy. In addition, the devices emit heat for a long time after baking.

  • Many types of heating and additional functions
  • Temperature can be selected precisely
  • Low temperatures can be set
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Longer heat release time

The gas oven

A gas oven is operated with natural gas or propane gas. If you use such a device, you benefit from lower energy consumption. In addition, gas is cheaper than electricity. In addition, water vapor forms when natural gas is burned. As a result, the air in the interior of the oven is more humid. This is particularly beneficial if you bake bread or other baked goods in the oven.

Another advantage is the rapid development of heat: the heat is available very quickly, so you do not have to preheat the oven.

It is disadvantageous that the lowest temperature of a gas oven is 120 to 150 degrees Celsius. Also keep in mind that you can set the temperature less precisely. You usually select the temperature using a performance scale. In addition, the gas ovens are equipped with fewer additional functions and sometimes with only one type of heating. Some devices only have a bottom heat mode. Other disadvantages are the necessary gas connection and the associated connection fees as well as the limited selection.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Rapid heat generation
  • Higher humidity in the interior
  • Temperature less adjustable
  • It is not possible to set temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius
  • Gas connection necessary
  • Fewer types of heating and additional functions
  • Limited choice

Which oven suits me? 13 types of heating and functions at a glance.

In order to find the model that is the best oven for you, it is best not just to pay attention to the operating mode. It is important that the device has the heating types and functions you require. Below we explain some well-known and useful programs:

1. Upper-lower heat: This type of heating is suitable for preparing various dishes. If you use the top-bottom heat mode, the heating elements on the floor and the heating elements on the ceiling heat the interior. Ideally, you only use one baking sheet.

2. Recirculated air: In the recirculated air mode, a fan ensures optimal distribution of the hot air. If you use the mode, you have the option of inserting more than one baking tray into the oven. In addition, you normally select a slightly lower temperature in the recirculation mode.

Hot air: If you set the hot air mode, a ring radiator directs the hot air into the interior. The air is distributed in the interior by a fan. Just like when using the convection mode, you can use several baking trays and set a lower temperature when using the convection mode.

Grill: If you select the grill setting, a heating element, which is attached in the upper area, heats the interior. Ideally, use this function if you want to brown, bake or grill the food. For example, the grill function is used to grill steaks, vegetables and toasts.

Fan grill: The fan grill mode combines the grill setting with the hot air or fan function. This makes it possible, for example, to prepare a chicken, a duck or a roast so that the dish gets a tasty crust and the inside of the food remains soft.

Keep warm: This function is useful if you want to keep a food that has already been cooked warm.

Defrosting: If you want to defrost frozen food, use the defrost function.

Rapid heating: The quick heating function saves you a little time. It reduces the heating time of the oven.

Pizza setting: The pizza setting combines the recirculation or hot air function with the bottom heat mode. You can use the function to prepare pizzas, tarte flambée, quiche and similar dishes.

Soft cooking: In soft cooking, the interior is heated at a low temperature from below and from above. The function is very suitable for the gentle cooking of casseroles and tender, already roasted meat.

Microwave function: Thanks to the microwave function, it is possible to warm up dishes within a few minutes. It is advantageous that you save a little space by using such a combination oven, since you do not need a separate microwave. The disadvantage is that an oven with a microwave is often more expensive.

Steam boost function: You do not use the steam boost function to cook dishes using only steam. Instead, a steam boost function is used in conjunction with hot air or another type of heating. Thanks to the water vapor, the food stays soft on the inside and becomes crispy on the outside.

Steaming function: An oven with a steaming function combines an oven with a steam cooker and is referred to as a steam oven. The steam cooking function allows you to cook your dishes gently, so that less nutrients and vitamins are lost. Compared to two separate appliances, an oven-steamer combination appliance saves space. However, please note that such a model has a high purchase price.

Buy an oven – you should pay attention to that

In addition to the operating mode and the functions presented so far, the ovens differ in many other factors. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the following criteria before buying an oven:

  • Energy consumption: It is best to check the energy efficiency class before buying an oven. The best energy efficiency class for ovens is A +++. The worst is D. Most models have energy efficiency class A or A +. Also take a look at the power consumption in kilowatt hours. Manufacturers usually state how many kilowatt hours the device consumes in a cycle in upper-lower heat mode and how high the energy consumption in recirculation or hot air mode is per cycle. Please note that some ovens have eco programs and therefore indicate the power consumption of these programs. The basis of the energy efficiency class is the most economical program of the oven.
  • The cooking space volume: A large oven has a cooking space volume of at least 65 to 70 liters. Somewhat smaller models have a cooking space that holds between 55 and 65 liters. If you are looking for an oven for single households or for small kitchens, a small model with a cooking space volume of less than 40 liters is sufficient in some cases.
  • The dimensions: Most models are about 59 to 60 centimeters wide and about 59 to 60 centimeters high. Such devices usually have four or five shelf levels. A small oven is about 59 centimeters wide and 38 to 45 centimeters high. Such compact ovens usually only have three shelf levels. If you want a particularly large oven, you might want to use a 90 cm wide model. Such a device sometimes has an extremely large cooking space of over 100 liters.
  • The oven door : Many devices have a folding door. As an alternative, there are models whose oven door can be swiveled sideways. There are also a few models with a retractable door. An oven with a retractable door is particularly practical and is particularly advantageous for small kitchens. Because open such a door and let it disappear under the baking chamber.
  • The automatic programs: Some ovens are equipped with several automatic programs. They simplify the operation of the oven and are particularly advantageous for beginners in cooking and baking. If you set an automatic program, the oven determines the temperature, the cooking time and / or the type of heating. Sometimes it is necessary to provide some information, such as the weight of the food, in advance.
  • Operation: You can often operate an oven using a rotary control, some buttons and / or a touch control panel. Most devices are equipped with a display. Some also have retractable switches.
  • The electronic watch: An electronic watch is practical. It usually has several functions. These often include a time of day display, an alarm clock with a signal tone and an automatic time switch. With the automatic timer, you can set when the stove should switch on or off automatically.
  • The automatic shutdown function: The shutdown function is an important safety feature. It ensures that the stove switches off automatically after a certain period of time, provided you have not made any changes to the settings for a long time.
  • Childproof lock: An activated childproof lock usually means that children or other people cannot operate the control panel unintentionally. This prevents the stove from being switched on accidentally and the programs from being changed.
  • The heat protection window: Some devices are equipped with a door that does not heat up excessively during operation. The door temperature in such models is often a maximum of 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. This is also an advantage if you have children in the household.
  • The baking trolley: In an oven with a baking trolley, you can pull the grids and baking trays out of the oven by pulling the door out. You are hanging on the door. This makes operating the device safer and easier.
  • The WLAN function: If the oven is WLAN-compatible, you have the option of operating it via an app. This allows you to set a type of heating, for example, from the sofa or on the go, so that the stove heats up.
  • The accessories: Most ovens come with one or two baking trays and a rack. Some devices also include a drip pan and / or telescopic pull-outs. A drip pan is basically a deep baking sheet. It is suitable for preparing casseroles and cakes or for collecting excess fat. Telescopic pull-outs make it easier for you to pull out the baking trays and grids. There are full extensions and partial extensions. If it is a full extension, you can pull the sheet or grate out of the oven completely. If you use a partial extension, you can only pull out a certain part of the sheet or the grate.

Clean an oven – so it works

Every now and then it is necessary to clean the oven. This is possible with an oven cleaner. If you want a more environmentally friendly method, use a home remedy. This even saves you a little money. The following home remedies are suitable for cleaning an oven:

  1. Lemon juice: Fill a baking dish with water and lemon juice. Then place the casserole dish in your oven. Now set the oven to 120 degrees Celsius and wait about 1 hour. After the exposure time, let the oven cool down and finally clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.
  2. Table salt: Moisten the bottom of the oven and then sprinkle the table salt on it. Then turn on the oven and select a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. The exposure time is about 45 minutes. Finally, clean your oven with a sponge or cloth and some water.
  3. Baking powder: Mix one or two packets of baking powder with a little water. Finally, put the paste on the soiled areas and leave it on for between 30 and 120 minutes. When the exposure time is up, remove the dirt with warm water and a cloth or sponge.
  4. Baking soda: Mix baking soda with water and spread the mixture over the dirt areas. After a contact time of about 30 minutes, wipe the oven out.
  5. Vinegar: Mix vinegar with a little washing-up liquid and rub the mixture on the dirty areas of the oven. Use a damp cloth or sponge for this. As soon as you have given the mixture some time to act, clean the oven with a cloth.
It is not sensible to clean the oven with shaving cream. Many shaving foams contain substances that are not intended for contact with food. The same applies to scouring milk.

Some ovens have a self-cleaning function. The pyrolysis function is particularly well known. The oven heats up to a temperature of around 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. This burns the dirt. Then use a damp sponge or cloth to clean the oven. The disadvantage is that the pyrolysis cleaning consumes a lot of energy and sometimes takes 3 hours. In addition, an oven with a pyrolysis function is more expensive than a model without the feature.

When the pyrolysis cleaning is complete, it is best to ventilate thoroughly. It is also advisable to open a window during cleaning.

Another self-cleaning function is the catalysis function. An oven with such a function has a cooking space whose surfaces are specially coated. This will cause the leftovers to decompose while you cook your food in the oven. However, there is a risk that the coating will wear out over time. In order not to damage the coating, it is advisable not to use hard sponges when cleaning such an oven.

Nine tips for using an oven

So that the dishes in an oven work well and you save a little energy when preparing them, we have put together a few oven tips for you below:

  • Not all ovens are the same. Therefore, it may be necessary to cook the dish in the oven for a longer or shorter time than the recipe states.
  • Ideally, do not open the oven door during the baking process. Some heat is lost when you open it.
  • It is often no problem to turn the oven off a few minutes before you remove the food. This saves you energy.
  • If you want to prepare a pizza, it is best to use a rack or a perforated baking sheet.
  • You can use an ordinary baking sheet, for example, to prepare sheet cakes, French fries or cookies. Usually it makes sense to line the sheet with baking paper.
  • To save some garbage and save money permanently, it is best to use reusable baking paper.
  • If you want to increase the humidity inside the oven, fill a drip pan with water and place it in the oven.
  • Often, the selected temperature is not the temperature that is actually inside the furnace. An oven thermometer is therefore helpful. With its help you measure the temperature of the cooking space.
  • If you want to keep the food warm, set a temperature between 60 and 100 degrees Celsius. Do not keep the cooked dishes warm in the oven for too long. Otherwise they lose important vitamins, nutrients and flavors. In addition, germs can arise if you keep the food warm in the oven for too long.

Oven FAQ – Questions and answers about ovens

Which devices are suitable as an alternative to a built-in oven?

Most ovens are built-in devices. You can integrate such a model into your kitchen. It is therefore important that the built-in oven has the right dimensions. Mobile ovens are an alternative to the built-in appliances. A mobile device is a free-standing oven that you can place flexibly. Such a model usually offers a compact design and low weight.

Accordingly, the device can be easily transported or easily changed over. You can use a mobile model if you want to use the oven outdoors or on a camping holiday. In addition, a mini oven is very suitable for offices, holiday apartments and for some single households.

How high should I install an oven?

Some ovens are located under the hob. If the oven is self-sufficient, you have the option of installing the appliance at eye level and separately from the hobs. An oven at eye level is more ergonomic, since with this type of model you no longer have to bend down to push the food in or take it out of the oven.

It is important that you base your height on the installation of such a model. Ideally, the top edge of the device should be approximately level with your shoulders. The lower edge is optimally at the worktop height. If you are extremely small or large, it may be advantageous if the lower edge of the oven is between 10 and 15 centimeters below your elbow.

Can I connect an oven myself?

It is best if an expert installs and connects the oven. If you install the device incorrectly, the manufacturer’s guarantee is no longer valid. In addition, there is a higher risk of short-circuit and fire due to incorrect assembly. You will also have to face insurance disadvantages if you incorrectly connect an oven and damage occurs.

If you want to assemble the oven yourself, find out exactly how such an installation works and study the manufacturer’s manual carefully.

In which cases is it worth buying a double oven?

A double oven has two ovens, which are attached one above the other or next to each other. You need a lot of space to place such a device. In addition, the use of both ovens costs more energy than the use of a single oven and the purchase price for double ovens is higher. A double oven allows you to cook and bake different dishes at the same time. This is why a double oven is particularly suitable for you if your household is extremely large or you get a lot of visitors on a regular basis.

What is an induction oven?

Compared to a classic oven, the power consumption of an induction oven is lower. If you use such an oven, you will also save some time. Another advantage is that an induction oven distributes the heat evenly throughout the interior. As a result, the dishes do not burn quickly.

When is the best time to preheat the oven?

Preheating the oven is not always necessary. Preheating is usually recommended in recipes because not every oven needs the same amount of time to heat up. This makes it difficult to specify a suitable cooking or baking time. If you have already preheated your oven, it will take approximately the same amount of time to cook the dish as any other oven. Thus, the recommendation to preheat the oven makes it easier to specify the cooking or baking time.

However, please note that preheating the oven only wastes electricity. Many dishes, like most frozen foods and casseroles, can be put in the oven without heating them up beforehand. When preparing certain dishes, it makes sense to preheat the oven. If you want to cook meat or fish in the oven, it is best to preheat it. The same applies if you prepare a soufflé, bisque batter or choux pastry in your oven. In addition, it is better to preheat the oven if you want a crispy surface or crust. For example, if you put a pizza in the oven before the oven has reached the right temperature, it won’t heat up as quickly and won’t be crispy.

Ideally, remove the baking trays before preheating the oven. This saves you electricity.

Where are ovens available?

You can get an oven from many electronics stores and kitchen retailers. You can get such a device from some furniture stores. Furthermore, some supermarkets and discounters have an oven in their range from time to time. Alternatively, you can purchase the device online. If you want to buy the oven online, you have a particularly large selection of different devices at your disposal and you can read customer reviews in advance.

How expensive are ovens?

Many ovens currently cost between 400 and 1,500 euros. You can get a particularly cheap oven for around 150 to 250 euros. The luxury class models are available from around 1,000 to 1,500 euros. In some cases, the purchase price is even 8,000 euros or more. Various factors influence the price of the oven. This includes energy consumption, size, types of heating and features. Likewise, the brand often has an impact on the purchase price.

Remember that an oven uses a lot of electricity. Therefore, it is advisable to check the energy consumption before buying such a device. In addition to the energy efficiency class, the insulation of the device also has an impact on power consumption. A well-insulated oven is an advantage. Less heat comes out of it, so that such a model uses less electricity.

Who makes ovens?

The most popular oven manufacturers include SIEMENS, BOSCH, Miele, NEFF, gorenje and AEG. Other well-known companies that produce ovens include:

  • Küppersbusch
  • SMEG
  • Bauknecht
  • got
  • Amica
  • KitchenAid

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