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5 Best SodaStream – 2020 Complete Reviews

Would you like sparkling mineral water at the push of a button and would you like to make your own soft drinks? SodaStream has developed a system that enables you to take care of your home beverage supply at the push of a button. The water bubble works with a carbon dioxide cartridge, which prepares sparkling water from tap water in a few seconds. You only have to press a button after you have clicked or screwed the bottle of tap water into the opening provided. This way you can mix the popular soft drinks and spritzers yourself. In addition, you no longer have to buy cans or disposable bottles.

In our comparison, we present 5 sodas from SodaStream. It is primarily about their functions, the extras and the advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the right device. In the following guide you will find out what is important when choosing a SodaStream aerator, how the devices work and what you should consider when replacing and selecting the cylinders.

Top 5 Best SodaStream– Complete Guide


1. SodaStream Easy water bubbler – in a set with CO2 cylinder, two PET bottles and syrup samples

SodaStream promises easy operation and sparkling water in the Easy model. Use the bubble button to dose the carbon dioxide content of the mineral water. First fill the plastic bottle with cold tap water. Then hold the bottle by the handle and pull the bottle holder forward. Then push the bottle in and then backwards. It clicks into place automatically thanks to the integrated click mechanism. Briefly press the bubble button, wait 3 seconds and press again. After removing the bottle, you can add a few drops of syrup or enjoy the mineral water pure.

Only suitable for PET bottles: Please only use plastic bottles with screw thread from SodaStream for the Easy water bubbler. The model is not compatible with the glass bottles of the manufacturer.

The filling line for each PET bottle is 840 milliliters. It is better to stick to this requirement – otherwise sparkling water can splash out when unscrewing. With the included sample packs, you have the opportunity to taste the flavors of cherry, pink-grapefruit, lemon-lime, guaran extract-cola and caffeine-orange before deciding on a whole bottle of syrup. The two original SodaStream glasses match the design of the brand. The bottle, on the other hand, is made of plastic and should even survive a fall without damage.

The Easy bubbler has already received various awards, including the “reddot design award 2017”. The committee honored the elegant shape and compact dimensions. With a size of 43 × 14 × 20 centimeters, the 2.76 kilogram bubbler should fit effortlessly into smaller kitchens. This model accommodates the cylinder, the bottle and the bubble system in a relatively small space. The scope of delivery of the SodaStream set includes:

  • SodaStream water bubbler
  • Carbon dioxide cylinder
  • Two 1-liter PET bottles
  • Two drinking glasses
  • Six syrup samples
How long does the CO2 cylinder last? You can bubble up to 60 liters of water with a carbon dioxide cylinder. Then take the empty cartridge to one of the more than 14,500 stations across Germany to exchange the cylinder for a full cartridge.

SodaStream Easy water bubbler


The SodaStream Easy water bubbler pumps the desired amount of carbon dioxide into the tap water at the push of a button. You regulate the dosage as you wish and benefit from the extensive equipment and a set of six syrup samples in this promo pack.


No. You can place the whirlpool anywhere. The bubble system works without a power connection.

You only press the button for a few seconds. After the first time, leave a 3 second pause and press again if you want more carbonation in the water. When the maximum pressure is reached, the bottle automatically blocks.

The PET plastic bottles of the Easy water bubbler are not dishwasher safe according to the instructions for use. You should clean the inside after each use with warm water and a household washing-up liquid. It is best to use a bottle brush made of natural hair or foam. rinse. If you use syrup, you should clean the bottle very thoroughly. You can also use SodaStream cleaning tabs, which are available as accessories.

It is best to drink the mineral water immediately after preparation. Otherwise, screw the lid onto the bottle immediately and consume the drink within 1 to 2 days.

2. SodaStream bubbler Crystal 2.0 – with two glass carafes and stainless steel housing

SodaStream has developed a bubble system for glass carafes for the Crystal 2.0. The device consists of classic stainless steel elements and remains space-saving. The high-gloss version also looks classy and adapts to almost any furnishing style. This water bubbles is available with two glass carafes and a CO2 cylinder, which you can exchange for a full cylinder at an authorized dealer. A glass bottle fits 600 milliliters of soft drinks or mineral water. The material is robust and can be cleaned in the dishwasher .

Simply more environmentally friendly life: By choosing a Crystal 2.0 with a titanium look you are making your contribution to environmental protection. According to the manufacturer, a single user can save up to 2,000 bottles and cans a year, which not only reduces the mountains of garbage, but also reduces the emissions that arise from long transport routes.

For bubbling, place the filled carafe in the appropriate container. You have to move the locking handle and press the device head down. Make sure that the aerator nozzle slides into the center of the bottle opening. In terms of product dimensions, this bubbler measures 55 × 26 × 19 centimeters. If the opening is closed and the cartridge is inserted, the height drops to 45 centimeters. Compared to the first model in our SodaStream comparison, you can only use glass bottles with the Crystal.

What accessories are there for soda streamers? Bottles, cylinders, glasses and cups as well as over 40 types of syrup are available for purchase. The good thing: All Soda Streamers are classics. So the accessories should be available even after years. If you are looking for a spare part, ask customer support beforehand. For more information on accessories, cleaning and repairs, please refer to our guide.

SodaStream bubbler Crystal 2.0


With the Crystal 2.0 from SodaStream you opt for the noble classic in the range. This bubbler uses glass bottles and finds an elegant solution for all users who don’t want to put up with plastic bottles. The delivery includes two carafes as well as the filled CO2 cartridge.


The carafe cup in the new model is made of stainless steel. At the same time, the integrated carafe holder holds the glass bottle firmly in the cup. SodaStream has made further improvements in the opening and closing mechanism. This should make the device bubble even more precisely and last longer.

There are more than 14,500 bases throughout Germany that exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. Go to SodaStream's zip code search website and look for dealers near you.

If you only briefly press the bubble button, the water can absorb the carbon dioxide better. With a long and persistent pressure, the carbonic acid combines less well with the water and can overflow more quickly.

The manufacturer's warranty for the Crystal 2.0 is the following 24 months after purchase. Be sure to keep the warranty slip and the invoice.

3. SodaStream POWER – electronic water bubbler in a chic design and with three spray levels

The SodaStream POWER works fully automatically. You only have to press the bubble button briefly, the rest does the device for you. The current model of this collection comes from Yves Behar, who gave it a new aesthetic shape. The anodized aluminum on the side walls has a textured finish that also continues in the stainless steel elements of the PET bottle. This minimalist design and the curved shapes also promise you easy handling, according to the manufacturer.

Yves Behar The Swiss industrial designer was born in Lausanne in 1967 and founded the Fuseproject in 1999. After studying industrial design in Switzerland, he moved to California, where he developed new designs, shapes and collections for many well-known brands. Today Behar is the chair of the industrial design department at the California College of Arts.

The heart of the bubble system is the snap lock. Push the bottle into the holder and use the automatic click mechanism. When making your drink, use the three pre-installed sparkling strengths attached to the front of the device: light, medium and strong. You can recognize the strengths from the number of drops. The SodaStreamer measures 42 centimeters in height, 22 centimeters in depth and 12 centimeters in width. The wide base ensures stability, even when the machine is running at full speed. In the back is the CO2 cartridge, which you can exchange for a full bottle for a fee.

Pay attention to the filling volume: The volume of the plastic bottle comes to 1 liter. However, you should not fill it over the 840 milliliter filling line. Otherwise the pressure relief valve will start and it will spray water out of the bottle. You can also use 500 milliliter bottles from SodaStream, whereby you should also pay attention to the information in the instructions for use. Read what else is important when using a water bubbler in the guide.

SodaStream POWER


The POWER bubbler comes from the design of Yves Behar. This SodaStreamer scores with noble aluminum outer walls and an exclusive look. As with the other sparklers, you also benefit from the individual sparkling strength, the reliable sparkling system and the exchangeable CO2 cartridge.


Yes. The LED display will not work without a power connection. It signals an individual sparkling strength.

You may only use the plastic bottles. The glass bottles have a different cap that does not fit in the opening.

The Easy works without electricity, while the POWER model works fully automatically and thus ensures an individual supply of carbon dioxide.

The POWER-SodaStreamer has a base with a width of 12 centimeters and a depth of 22 centimeters.

4. Fully automatic water bubbler Easy One Touch from SodaStream – with simple operation

With the Easy One Touch you get another SodaStream water bubbler that works fully automatically. After you have inserted the CO2 cylinder, you can connect the device to the socket. Always read the instructions for use before use. Ultimately, however, the application is very simple: pull the bottle holder forward using the bracket. Now push the neck of the bottle filled with water into the holder and push everything back together. It is not necessary to screw it in because the click-in mechanism grips the bottle. If you have done everything correctly, the bottle now hangs freely and vertically in the device.

What does the SodaStream syrup taste like? If you want a little more variety in addition to the pure mineral water taste, you can choose from over 40 types of syrup. Even if the cola taste is not identical to the original brands, there are more and more users who mix their soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit spritzers with SodaStream syrup. If the whole thing is too sweet, reduce the amount of syrup in the water.

Now you can gush the water. To do this, press the button of your choice. A short, firm push is enough, after that you don’t have to hold the button down. The water is then automatically bubbled in several bursts. The key you selected flashes during this time. When the bubbling process is complete, a clear, long hiss is heard and the button lights up. Now wait about 3 seconds and can remove the bottle. You can also choose between three sparkling strengths, for which the buttons are located on the top of the device:

  1. A drop of water: slightly bubbly
  2. Two drops of water: bubbling medium
  3. Three drops of water: Classically bubbly
Use of 1 and 0.5 liter bottles:  The above mentioned sparkling strengths apply if you use suitable 1 liter bottles from SodaStream. If the 0.5 liter bottles are used, you can only use the buttons with one or two drops. Otherwise the bottle would overflow.

Fully automatic water bubbler Easy One Touch


The Easy One Touch water bubbler is easy to use, with a choice of different bubble strengths and bottle sizes. Of course, you can also buy the CO2 cartridge and other bottles here. Overall, the device offers you good value for money.


The water bubbler has the dimensions 43 x 14 x 20 centimeters. It weighs 2.76 kilograms.

When you fill the 1 liter bottle up to the filling line, it contains 840 milliliters of water.

Yes. You only have to press the selected button again.

No, there is no display for this on the device. You can tell when you need to replace the CO2 cylinder by the significantly reduced sparkling strength.

5. Gray SodaStream water bubbler Cool – manual generation of the desired sparkling strength

The Soda-Stream model Cool is a device that works without electricity. So you can also use it when you travel. The water bubbler itself is made of gray Tritan plastic, while the 1 liter bottle included in the scope of delivery is made of PET. You will also receive a CO2 cartridge with the delivery. You insert this on the back of the device. To do this, first remove the back cover and audibly snap it back into place after inserting the carbon dioxide cylinder.

Is the tap water suitable for drinking? According to popular studies, the drinking water from the tap is harmless. It is subject to stricter controls than the mineral water in this country. At the same time, it has a lower salt content, which some find it difficult to tolerate. Before using the bubbler, take a look at the calcium content of the water and take a liming test. Even if the water in your region is less hard, the pipes on the property may contain lime and residues in the old pipes. In most cases, the tap water is of impeccable quality.

The bottle is filled with water up to the filling line and then screwed into the thread. Make sure that the bottle hangs freely and vertically in the water bubbler and is well attached – otherwise it can overflow. Then press the bubbler button briefly and firmly several times. A “Pfft” must be audible. Release the bubbler button after each press. If the water should contain less carbon dioxide, simply reduce the number of bubbles.

Bubble more often: The less carbon dioxide there is in the cylinder, the more often you have to press the bubble button so that it produces the same bubble effect.

Gray SodaStream water bubbler Cool


The Cool water bubbler is a manually operated device, which means that although you exert a little force, you are independent of a power connection. They influence the amount of carbon dioxide in the water with the number of bubbles. With this SodaStreamer it is also very easy to get accessories or supplies.


The manufacturer recommends consuming the water within 1 to 2 days.

No, please only use the plastic bottle with screw cap.

The Soda Stream water bubbler Cool has the dimensions 43 x 20 x 20 centimeters.

What is a SodaStream?

SodaStream is a patented system and water bubbler that has given an entire company its name. At the push of a button you can produce sparkling water from tap water. In other words, you add carbon dioxide to your tap water. The devices consist of a holder, a control panel and a carbon dioxide cylinder in the rear area.

What can I do with a SodaStream machine? With the help of a soda streamer, you can produce your own mineral water. All you need is the CO2 cartridge and a few moments. After that, there are no limits to your creativity and personal taste. For example, add freshly cut fruit, citrus fruits or kitchen herbs to the water and add an appetizing aroma. Depending on your wishes, you can also prepare a Coke, an orange shower or an energy drink from simple tap water.

Who invented the SodaStream?

SodaStream is actually the brand of SodaStream GmbH from Frankfurt am Main. The company’s history goes back to 1903. Even back then, the team was committed to innovative beverage solutions. The first water bubbler came on the market in 1994. Today the SodaStream group is the world’s largest manufacturer of bubble systems. The company has been investing in product quality for years to increase user comfort and get the most out of tap water. There were a number of awards and certificates for this. In addition, the SodaStream group now owns more than 65 patents and 200 entries in the commercial register. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of plastic bottles, shapely design sparklers and dishwasher-safe glass bottles.

Why should you buy a SodaStream?

According to SodaStream, more than 2 million households are now bubbling all over Germany. The users just appreciate the freshly bubbled taste. The water comes from the tap and is not in a plastic bottle on the store shelf for months. According to Stiftung Warentest, plastic bottles can even distort the taste. The pesticide residues that are transferred to the water should not be neglected. The Federal Environment Agency regularly confirms first-class quality for German drinking water from the tap. There is no reason not to use it as the main drink.

Why you should drink more: SodaStream conducts its own studies and surveys to gain further insights into people’s drinking behavior and to incorporate them into the development of the bubbler functions. For example, there is a representative study by the market research institute YouGov on the amount of drinking by users who drink their water at home. In comparison, they should drink 59 percent more water, which corresponds to about three large glasses a day. Your body needs a lot of water to maintain all vital functions and to develop its full concentration and performance. With your own beverage system, you are obviously more motivated to drink enough fluids.

If you want to stick to the recommended minimum of 2 liters of water daily, buying water and sodas weekly can be a difficult and time-consuming task. In addition, you have to bring the empties back to the supermarket or the acceptance point. With a SodaStream bubbler, you will save yourself this effort: simply make your sparkling water at the push of a button. If you have your own soda machine, check all the ingredients and know what you are consuming.

Not to be neglected is the environmentally friendly aspect when buying a bubbling machine. After all, you save yourself plastic bottles and beverage cans. You buy reusable plastic bottles to match the SodaStream, which you fill and empty hundreds of times. This allows large amounts of waste to be saved. If you currently buy PE and plastic bottles a week in the supermarket, you should simply collect the leftovers over 4 weeks to get an impression of the amount of private waste.

Multiply the whole thing by the population of your place, then the actual dimensions become clear. The SodaStream is an environmentally friendly alternative to live in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way. At the same time, you don’t have to restrict yourself, you save yourself the hassle of carrying boxes. You just always have something to drink at home.

If you don’t feel like tasting sparkling water, buy the right syrup types from SodaStream. There are also a whole range of no-name products that have the same effect in clear water. Make delicious fruit spritzers or mix freshly squeezed or bought juices and mineral water. Lightly sweetened tea with lemon and SodaStream water also make a healthy drink.

Does the tap water have a better drinking quality than mineral water? Water is the most important food for humans, without which you cannot survive for 2 days. The nationwide drinking water controls are among the strictest in Europe. In fact, studies have shown that our tap water is of significantly better quality than the strictly controlled bottled water. You can safely drink the water from the tap.

How much do I save by buying a SodaStreamer?

With a carbon dioxide filling you can bubble up to 60 liters of water. Conversely, this would correspond to a volume of water of up to seven boxes. Let’s do a calculation example that concretizes the savings with the purchase of a water bubbler:

If a family with two children buys a whirlpool device for around 100 euros, about 0.15 euros per liter of bubbled water, which corresponds to an approximate water consumption of 2 liters per day for the two adults and 1 liter for the children. In total we get 180 liters of water every month. In this case you would need four CO2 cylinders, which cost 7 euros per change.

All in all, you would get fixed monthly costs of 28 euros with a bubbler. If you compare this investment with the purchase of cheap discounter water, one water bubbler is worth less, because the discounters charge around 0.13 euros per liter, which means a monthly cost of 23 euros. But there are still the travel costs and the time spent shopping. The difference is clearer compared to branded water with 0,

The savings in terms of plastic bottles are more sustainable anyway. You and your family can save at least 2,000 plastic bottles a year with just one bubbler. So you do something for the environment and make a difference through a sustainable lifestyle.

How does a soda streamer work?

With the SodaStreamer you can make sparkling water or mineral water at home at the push of a button. First fill the bottle with tap water and then screw or push it in the retention direction until the bottle neck clicks into place. Depending on the operation, press a button for the carbonic acid one to three times to bring the small bubbles into the water. Then wait a few seconds and turn the bottle out of the holder. You can now drink the mineral water or add additional flavors or syrup. Only add the flavors to the water after bubbling. Otherwise the nozzles can quickly stick together and become dirty.

Step-by-step instructions: how to bubble your water

  1. Fill the carafe or bottle with tap water.
  2. Place the carafe in the bubbler.
  3. Press the bubble head down several times.
  4. With three to four repetitions you intensify the effervescent effect.
  5. In the case of electrical devices, the automatic control provides the desired carbon dioxide content via the selection buttons.
  6. In this case, the corresponding key is only pressed once.
  7. After a few seconds, take the carafe or bottle out of the bubbler.
  8. Enrich your water with ingredients according to your taste.
Extra tip: Before bubbling your tap water, put it in the fridge. Because cold water absorbs the carbonic acid better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a soda stream aerator?

At first glance, there are only advantages in connection with the bubbler. For example, there is the in-house mineral water production at the push of a button. You yourself measure how much carbon dioxide ends up in the water. You can also make soft drinks using syrups or other ingredients. Last but not least, the price savings compared to retail cannot be dismissed out of hand. After all, tap water comes straight from the tap at a low price.

With the purchase of a soda streamer, you no longer have to lug crates of drinks and do not have to think about buying drinks. You save a lot of time and always have a sparkling drink at home. Families of several people in particular appreciate this, with more than 20 liters a week in the shopping basket. SodaStream proves how easy it is to live sustainably and environmentally friendly and to dispense with disposable bottles without restrictions.

But it does not work without additional costs. After all, the content of the carbon dioxide cartridges or the cylinder is not infinite. You have to provide replenishments regularly. There are now acceptance points for CO2 cylinders nationwide in supermarkets, electrical stores and at the petrol station. It would also be advisable to buy an extra cartridge so that you always have supplies at home should you run out of carbon. In addition, you have to clean the beverage bottles regularly to clear them of residues and deposits inside. Few models can handle the hot rinse in the dishwasher home.

Advantages and Disadvantage of SodaStream

  • Never carry boxes again
  • No PET and disposable bottles
  • Individual carbonic acid dosage
  • Bubbling at the push of a button
  • Large selection of beverage bottles and glasses
  • Syrup for soft drinks and spritzers
  • Exchange CO2 cartridges for a fee at more than 14,500 stations
  • Discounter water can be cheaper in the liter price
  • Carbon dioxide evaporates faster than with the finished water
  • For bottles and cylinders depending on the provider

What needs to be considered when buying a soda stream bubbler?

The principle of operation of most water bubblers is similar and is based on a CO2 cartridge, which brings the desired amount of carbon dioxide into the drinking water at the push of a button or fully automatically. Nevertheless, there are differences between the machines in the direct Sodastream comparison. To help you choose the right whirlpool when purchasing, we have put together a checklist for you to choose from:

  • Price-performance ratio:  The majority of people look at the price when buying the Sodastream bubbler. What does the provider pack? Some sparklers have an extra cartridge as a replacement, as well as plenty of accessories, several bottles, cups, glasses and a small selection of syrups. Therefore, read the product description carefully and only then compare the prices with each other.
  • Cylinder capacity : The volume of the cylinder should not be neglected. The lower the amount, the more often you have to replenish. This can increase running costs. Most water aerators are round and uniform cylinders.
  • Bottles or carafes:  Sodastream has expanded the repertoire of vessels in recent years. Today you not only get a simple plastic bottle, but also elegant glass carafes.
  • Design:  Most soda streamers are in the kitchen. Shape and design should match the interior. Neutral and classic colors in gray, beige, white or black are also in demand.
  • Dimensions: The perfect aerator only takes up as much space on the worktop as it needs. Most of the narrow devices can be placed between the coffee machine and the refrigerator and are no longer noticeable.

What does a soda stream cost?

The bubbler is available in different price ranges and now also as a device with an automatic dosage of the carbon dioxide amount. A snap-lock function is added to the more expensive machines. Here you no longer screw the bottle into the cartridge, just click. The price is based on the product group. The main lines currently available are Easy, Crystal, POWER and Easy One Touch. Models such as the COOL or Spirit water bubbler are also offered. Depending on the color scheme, equipment and design, you can spend between 70 and 200 euros for a soda streamer.

How do the Soda Streamers differ?

The main difference is certainly whether you operate the water bubbler manually or whether it works automatically. The electrical models generally have three sparkling strengths to choose from, from light to medium to strong. You can recognize the whole thing by one, two or three drops on the keys. With manual soda streamers, you influence the carbon dioxide content via the number of sprays.

Higher-priced devices also differ, for example, in that they were designed by renowned designers such as Yves Behar. At the same time, the high-quality versions are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel. With many devices, just click the plastic bottle or carafe into the snap-lock closure. In other variants, the device is screwed in or a bubbler is placed in the carafe. Last but not least, the devices differ in terms of design, dimensions and price.

Where can you buy the SodaStream aerator?

There is a SodaStream bubbler in many electronics stores and, depending on what is on offer in the supermarket. You should pay attention to the brochures and promotions, because the retail offers discounts and discounts on the SodaStreamer depending on the season.

Are the bottles compatible? When deciding on one of the devices, take a look at the compatibility with the SodaStream bottles. For example, you can use the POWER bubbler with PET bottles and not with the grass carafes.

The advantage of the well-known online shops, however, lies in the convenient ordering from home. In just a few clicks, you can compare all of the current water bubblers and find the right device using a personal checklist. There is also a whole range of lucrative vouchers and coupons on the Internet that can be redeemed when paying. If the SodaStream is in stock, shipping will not take longer than three working days, so that you will receive your new soda in no time.

Which SodaStream syrup is recommended?

The SodaStream syrup enables you to prepare delicious soft drinks from simple tap water. If you are drinking a SodaStream Coke for the first time, you usually have to get used to the taste, but you can dose the sweetness individually. At SodaStream there are trial sizes of each type of syrup to test yourself. You choose from more than 40 types of syrup. This variety has increased in recent years and has been added to the classics such as orange and lemon. Organic syrups, such as lime and rhubarb, are also new to the range. Without artificial additives, only the intense flavors get into the bottle and are supposed to provide a natural taste experience.

Is SodaStream syrup worth it?

With a 500 milliliter bottle of syrup for just under 5 euros, you can make just under 12 liters of beverages yourself – with a mixing ratio of 1 to 23. If you add the whole thing down to the price per liter, that makes 0.42 euros. Here, too, the discounter showers run outside of the competition because they often undercut this price. Things look different with branded products.

Saving with cheap syrup: At this point it should be pointed out that you save a lot of money with other syrup brands such as Tri Top. The bottles are significantly below the price of SodaStream.

How do I dose the SodaStream syrup correctly?

What immediately convinces is the simple preparation and portioning using the closure. You use the cap of a syrup bottle as a dosage cap and, for a bottle, add the entire or half of the cap. Take a look at the packaging or the back of the bottle. Here SodaStream explains the correct dosage in detail. Do not add too much syrup, otherwise the drink will be too sweet or inedible.

SodaStream alternatives – who bubbles better?

The competition around SodaStream has grown in recent years. This is how other brands also make a name for themselves in the water bubbler industry. They score with a cheaper price, a rich scope of delivery and lucrative extras. In the last water bubbler test, the Stiftung Warentest not only put SodaStream machines to the test, but also alternatives. You will learn more about this later.

How do I dispose of the SodaStream accessories correctly?

The CO2 cartridge should never be placed in the household waste. Hand them in to an exchange or refill station. You can hand in the bottles at the regional landfill sites and pay a small fee. The beverage bottles are either made of plastic or glass. A glass bottle belongs in the bulk waste or in the local collection container for glass waste. You can put the plastic bottle in the yellow sack or in the plastic waste. If you want to dispose of a defective SodaStream machine, this is plastic waste. The electric bubblers will take you to an authorized collection point or to the responsible landfill. You will find the addresses in your garbage guide.

Where can I buy a SodaStream cylinder?

Before you buy a SodaStream aerator, find out where the cylinders are located. To do this, go directly to the sales website. There is a sub-page here where you enter your zip code to see all the acceptance points for the cylinders. When exchanging, be sure to be compatible with your whirlpool device. The specialist dealer knows advice and usually does not issue the wrong cylinders. The nozzle or connection point is standardized and fits many carbonic acid cartridges.

Exchange for a fee:  There are more than 14,500 dealers across Germany who exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. You pay a fee between 8 and 9 euros.

Can the SodaStream cylinder be filled?

If you want to replace the CO2 cylinder with a new one, unscrew it from the holder. Before you insert the new cartridge in your SodaStream machine, remove the protective film and unscrew the cap. Only then can the cylinder be used. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Official warning: SodaStream warns on the manufacturer’s pages against improper filling of the cylinders. This is not only illegal, but also dangerous. The company guarantees comprehensive security if you use the cylinders filled by SodaStream. You can recognize the cartridge by the safety valve. For this reason, only give the empty cylinders to an authorized SodaStream dealer. In this case, you only pay the price for filling, because you exchange the empty cartridge for a full one. You have the option of returning a cylinder when it is ready for use.

The most important warnings for the SodaStream cylinder at a glance:

  • Protect the cylinder from direct sunlight and heat. It is best to store the cartridge in a dry and cool place.
  • Do not remove the cylinder until you have removed the beverage bottle.
  • Do not remove the cartridge if carbon dioxide is still flowing into the bottle.
  • Do not make any changes or repairs to the cylinders.
  • Store the CO2 cartridge out of the reach of children.
  • Do not spray the carbon dioxide in the eyes or on the body.

In the past, the cylinders could only be filled by SodaStream dealers or members of the Soda Club. In compliance with today’s legal regulations, authorized filling companies are now also allowed to take over the refilling. This is the only way to ensure that there is always sufficient supply in the cartridge.

How do I clean the SodaStream system?

Anything that comes into contact with food and beverages requires regular and thorough cleaning. Free the bottles and the bubbler from deposits, lime and germs. It should be sufficient to rinse the bottles regularly after each use. If you add syrup to water, you should clean the bottle with hot water and washing-up liquid and a bottle brush after each use.

You can clean the housing weekly as needed. If you see deposits or even mold in the lid, you can remove it with a vinegar solution. Be sure to also clean the nozzle that comes into direct contact with the water. Because moisture forms an ideal breeding ground for germs.

How do I clean the SodaStream spray nozzle? Here an old home remedy should work miracles: We are talking about citric acid. Pour two tablespoons of powdered citric acid or 50 milliliters of liquid acid into the bottle. Pour the rest onto warm water up to the calibration line. Screw the bottle into the bubbler and only press the bubbler button once. The citric acid should work for the next 15 minutes. Afterwards, empty the bottle and add clear water again. It is important that the bottle and nozzle are completely free of the citric acid and that you let the nozzle dry thoroughly.

How are the plastic bottles cleaned?

You only need a little warm water and detergent to clean the plastic bottles. Put both in the bottle, shake vigorously and let it soak in for a few moments. If you want to be on the safe side, additionally clean the bottles with a sodium bicarbonate solution every 4 to 6 weeks to loosen stubborn deposits. It is best not to drink straight from the bottle. Otherwise saliva residues remain on the bottle neck, which are transferred to the thread of the screw cap.

Dishwasher – yes or no? You can of course put the glass bottles in the dishwasher. The SodaStream beverage bottles made of PET plastic, however, must not be cleaned in the dishwasher, as they would deform. In addition, the material becomes porous more quickly at the high temperatures in the dishwasher. The bottles made of PEN or Tritan plastic, however, are dishwasher safe. You will find the care instructions in the instructions for use and / or directly on the packaging or bottle. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer.

How to save a calcified soda stream machine

Some sodas stop working properly when they calcify. Especially when water containing particularly lime runs through your pipes, lime can settle in the pipes over time. As a result, the whirlpool device no longer functions properly and the water is transported inside the device. If the guarantee period is still running, speak to one of the employees on the service hotline at 0800-1831066. The hotline is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you no longer have a guarantee on the machine, try to do the final cleaning yourself. To do this, open the SodaStream and disassemble it completely. Place all parts in a highly concentrated vinegar solution for 15 minutes and rinse everything with clear water. Let the components dry before reassembling the bubbler. YouTube has helpful instructions to help you assemble, disassemble and decalcify:

FAQ – the 10 most common questions and answers about the SodaStream

  • SodaStream bottle stinks – what can I do?

Most users get a new bottle if they notice a bad smell. In this case, you should at least clean the lid thoroughly with baking soda and remove the coarse dirt. The bad smell often occurs due to dirt and deposits. Under no circumstances should you continue to use the bottle.

  • Change SodaStream seal – how do you proceed?

If the cylinder loses carbon dioxide when screwing in, this is usually due to a defective seal. You can recognize the seal by a black rubber ring and get a new replacement seal from SodaStream customer service. The best way to remove the porous seal is with a thin crochet hook. Place the new gasket in the appropriate place and reassemble the other parts.

  • What is special about the SodaStream-Crystal?

Even if the end result is the same for all devices, the individual models differ in design and handling. For example, the SodaStream-Crystal has only one button, which makes operation easier. It is intended for the glass carafes of the manufacturer and is one of the premium devices in the product range. This model lacks a digital display. The advantage lies in the carafes made of glass, which you can clean in the dishwasher compared to the PET model.

  • How often do you have to press the soda button on the SodaStream?

That depends on how intensively you adjust the carbon dioxide content of your mineral water. With the electric and fully automatic soda streamers, one drop stands for light bubbling, two drops for medium and three drops for strongly bubbling water. If you only have one button, press the bubble button frequently. It is best to test the whole thing the first time you use it and gradually find out the desired strength.

  • Where can I find the right SodaStream accessories?

The largest selection of accessories for SodaStreamer can be found on the Internet. Here you have the advantage of comparing syrups, bottles, carafes and glasses. In the product description, pay attention to the compatibility with the bubbler that you already have at home.

  • Why doesn’t the bottle fit in the SodaStreamer?

In this case, you have bought a beverage bottle that does not match your SodaStream soda. The closure makes the difference. For example, the glass carafe does not match the SodaStream-POWER. In the event of a wrong purchase, you still have a 14-day right of return.

  • How do I add the SodaStream syrup to the sparkling water?

Immediately after bubbling, pour the syrup from the lid or measuring cup into the bottle. This prevents overdosing and a drink that is too sweet. Do not wait too long to prepare the drinks. Otherwise the carbonic acid is gone. Of course, you can also use the SodaStream syrup in still water.

  • Can the SodaStream syrup grow old?

Take a look at the capsule. Here you will find the expiry date. It is also printed under the bottle. If you have opened the bottle and have not used it for a long time, shake the syrup vigorously before use to dissolve all of the ingredients. If the syrup is discarded, you will find that the expiry date has clearly passed. If the flavors get too old, they lose their effect. Store the syrup in the bottle in a cool and dry place and put the bottle in the fridge after opening. The manufacturer gives additional storage tips on the back of each syrup bottle.

  • How should I store the CO2 cartridge?

Store the cartridge in a safe place in the house. Compressed gas expands when exposed to heat, so the perfect place to keep it is dry and cool. There is a patented safety valve on each cartridge. This valve gradually releases the gas at high pressure inside the cartridge. The bottle can not be damaged even after a long period of storage, but should be stored in a safe place away from children.

  • What types of SodaStream syrups are there?

Basically, three variants can be distinguished:

  • Classic Watermix : You can use it to prepare classic soda drinks such as lemon, orange and cola. According to the manufacturer, it contains natural flavors and less sugar compared to soft drinks from retailers. All variants and types of syrup are available as sugar-free alternatives.
  • Energy Watermix : With this syrup you can make your own energy drinks. It contains 15 milligrams of caffeine per 100 milliliters of drink. In addition to a dash of energy, there are also vitamins B2, B6 and B3. The syrups are available as a sugar-free alternative.
  • Fruit Watermix : The main focus is on the fruity aroma, which you can vary with each other. These types of syrups can be mixed according to taste.

Five practical tips for sparklers from the experts

  1. Pour the bubbled water into another container to drink. Otherwise, you must wash the bottle thoroughly, as germs can get into it.
  2. Note the expiry date of the plastic bottle and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  3. Foam residues of the detergent can collect on the bottom of the plastic bottle. You should therefore fill the plastic bottle with warm water, then clean it with a bottle brush and rinse it again with clear water.
  4. In addition to the market leader SodaStream, other companies also offer compatible and cheaper gas cylinders. When choosing, pay attention to the originality of the seal.
  5. Put the fresh tap water in the fridge for a moment. Colder water absorbs the carbonic acid more easily.

Is there a SodaStream test from Stiftung Warentest?

The testers of the Stiftung Warentest have dealt with the SodaStream bubbling system several times and have given a good rating several times. This may not least be due to the environmentally friendly alternative. But what is clear from the last SodaStream test is the increasing competition from other brands and alternatives to the original. There is now a large selection of bubbly at different prices.

The current water bubbler test highlighted three of the models tested. With the others, there were reserves in relation to the gas cylinder. Another fact makes fans of strong sparkling water sit up and take notice: only three sparklers actually managed to create the very sparkling water. All other devices produced at least medium or gentle mineral water. Classic water contains 4.2 to 6.2 grams of carbonic acid per liter. Most sparklers do not meet these requirements. The pressure relief valve often starts up in front of it.

The function of the tested devices is similar: you fill the tap water into the bottle, put it in the bubbler and press a button or a lever. The good models can be operated with one hand. The experts in the consumer magazine also praise the good drinking water quality from the tap. This has been shown by targeted samples from 20 cities and municipalities.

On the following pages you will learn more about the test criteria and how the individual soda streamers performed. The consumer magazine team carried out the test according to these test criteria:

  • Bubbling: carbon dioxide content, CO2 loss and the price per liter – 50 percent
  • Handling: insertion, water leakage, stability and cleaning – 30 percent
  • Safety: pressure limitation, sharp edges – 10 percent
  • Environment and health: phthalates or heavy metals in water, disposal – 10 percent
Bayonet versus screw lock: The experts praised the bayonet locks and criticized screw connections. The latter can also be activated if the bottle has not yet been screwed in properly. In this case the water splashes.

Fortunately, all sparklers are unremarkable when it comes to pollutants. Even the seals are free of harmful ingredients. At the same time, the material has no significant influence on the taste. On the whole, the testers were satisfied with the quality of the whirlpool devices, not least because far fewer plastic bottles and disposable products find their way home from the supermarket.

Cheap and expensive water bubbler in the NDR test

The editors of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk took a close look at three sparkling devices from different price ranges. In the first place was SodaStream in the structure and use, which was almost self-explanatory. With other models, the snap-in of the bottle was a bit more complicated. At the push of a button, users can dose the carbon dioxide in any of the tested aerators. However, the testers could not dose the effervescence intensity on the very cheap devices. Here, too, the original scores with individual handling.

An experienced sommelier was also used in the test procedure. In this context, he praised the light sparkling strength and the pleasant aroma of the tap water.

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